Monday, January 4, 2021

Where's the Potty?

Whoever designed this building either had a sense of humor or a mean streak.
On my quest for a ladies' room, I walked down the hall and spotted a door... turned out that it wasn't the one I wanted, but there might be a need for cleaning and/or first aid supplies if I didn't find a bathroom soon!
I stepped on past, still on a quest for the ladies' room, but my niece tugged on my arm and pointed to an obscure door beyond the custodial door in the dimness at the end of the hallway.
Was it true? Could it be?
Eureka! The door I'd searched for was finally revealed!
Who thought of putting the ladies' room in such a hard to find corner?
A man who didn't understand women's needs?
Or an embarrassed woman who didn't want people to see her going in through a bathroom door?

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