Saturday, October 30, 2021

Not a Black Cat

Black cats are all the rage at Halloween.
We used to have a black cat named Slick, who sat in his heated water dish on the porch in his last few weeks leading to his 18th birthday because he was a cold old cat. Then he suddenly disappeared when he turned 18. 
We looked for his body for days, in every place we could think of, but we never found him.
One of our current cats is not black, as you can see in the picture, but this part-Siamese has her own spooky story.
She's not right in the head.
Our son Brian and his girlfriend (at the time) found tiny Sage Kitten in a gutter before her eyes were even opened. They fed Sage with an eye dropper and saved her life.
But something affected her brain. We think it may have been her too-young separation from her cat mom, but it could be something else. 
Sage lets you pet her, but may suddenly bite or scratch with seemingly no provocation. She'll easily roll on her back and bare her belly, but growls fiercely and unsheathes her claws, aimed at you, if you touch it. She likes to sleep in weird positions. If we don't put her out in a timely manner at night, she'll hide, then early in the dark morning crawl up on Bob's stomach and bat his face with her paws until he wakes up.
Then he puts her out.
In spite of her white fur and innocent blue eyes, she makes a perfect Halloween cat.
Do you like cats?
Do you like Halloween?

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Spooky Cup Holder

Look what happens when a sole person drives a vehicle on a highway ALONE!
YES! That's a spiderweb, and YES, it's in a car cupholder!
This driver doesn't store drinks in the cupholder of the passenger door. WHY WOULD HE?
(Would you?)
Spiders would.
Do you regularly wash and dust YOUR car cupholders?

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ever See A Squash Tree?

My uncle is a gardener extraordinaire. (Or is that gardenaire extraordinaire?) Whatever you want to call it, Uncle Paul Hansen has a lovely, abundant garden that sometimes produces more than he knows what to do with, bordered by very happy fruit trees

Look at this one for example, high up in the branches, do you see an abundance of round red fruit?

Do you also see a long yellow fruit hanging from the branches?

Hold on...not a fruit...what IS that thing on a bottom branch?

Do you want to take a closer look?

There you go. It's a butternut squash growing in a tree. Call the Guinness Book of World Records! Or else just follow the squash vine that trails into the garden just out of the photo frame. 
This is obviously a brave squash, a traveling squash, unafraid of heights, potential bungee-jumping, or neighbors who are not like itself.
Do you consider yourself a squash or an apple?

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Surprise in the Princess Cart

Carolyn likes to ride in the princess (kid seat) carts at WalMart, but one day there was something different in the handle well behind her.
What was that? A warped cucumber?
It looks kind of squishy. Is it an overripe avocado?
Oh, uh, is that a real green living thing?
Ah! ALLIGATOR! Squishy rubber alligator that we left in the cart to surprise the next user.
Would you leave an alligator in the cart?
Or would you give it a home?