Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

I delayed this post for a day because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!
I can't help but wonder if a good test of internal youth (or childishness, if you prefer) is discovering how one views birthdays. I hear lots of people complain about this particular anniversary.
You're one year older.
So what?
Do you complain about having been one year younger last year?
Just be glad You're having experiences. Do something new. You might like it!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Morning After...3 Fake Nails

A strange thing happened after Prom...
When our son made plans to go to Prom, he invited a group of eight classmates to our house to watch a movie after the dance. The girls showed up in Cinderella dresses, the guys in suits and ties. We'd pulled enough chairs into the TV room so they could all sit down. 
After making the required parental appearance, I announced that I'd be in the next room if they needed me for anything. I tried to stay awake, but I fell asleep. (No pumpkin-changing-to-a-magic-coach for me!)
When I woke up in the morning and went into the TV room to return chairs to their places, I saw delightfully sparkly seats (from magic dresses) and three fake fingernails lying on the carpet.
What? Who lost her nails (I assume it was a girl), and why? Envisioning a tickle attack, or a slapped face, or a girl cat fight, or the movie so intense that the girl picked her nails off, I asked my son, but he didn't know.
What do you think? What happened that made a girl lose her nails after Prom?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Going Places

Driving home one day, I saw a long line of cars on the freeway going to the opposite direction.
 I don't know where they were coming from, but there weren't so many cars on my side of the road. I kept making up stories about a big concert, or else slow cars holding everyone up before turning off the freeway, or a big hole in the road that just got patched up so all the waiting cars were flowing toward their destinations.
Where would you go if you could go anywhere you wanted to? Would it be in a car, a train, a plane, a bicycle, walking, swimming,  or what?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Birthday All Life Long!

Just because you get older doesn't mean you get to skip your birthdays.
 Maybe I shouldn't tell you how old my husband, Bob, turned on his birthday this month. (He's far left in top photo, cutting pie... no birthday cake for this hombre! He's a peach pie man, no candles, please, they tend to melt in all that gooey goodness filling.) 
One thing I WILL tell you is that his knee is younger than the rest of himself! It's less than three weeks old. (Maybe that's why he babies it!)
Along with us are our sons "Bobaloo" (bottom picture, right, looking at me with an expression that could be interpreted as, "What are you doing?" Or maybe it's more of a "Dad, please hurry up with the pie...") We also have l-r, "Polo," "Mo", "Mom", and "C.L.B." (Bob's scooping ice cream in the bottom photo.)
On the top picture, we have l-r: "Bobaloo," "Grammy Junior," (the back of "Mom") the back of "Abe," and "A-Rob" (with a beard.)
Do you like your birthday? Do you like cake? What would be your favorite birthday celebration food?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Chocolate / Broccoli

Do you remember the chocolate cookies I wrote about here that I made from a blob of mystery dough I found in the freezer?
Well, suffice it to say, I made some chocolate dough I discovered into cookie shapes and baked it. 
After letting the chocolate creations cool in the pan (I love to cook in stoneware), I was surprised to return to the kitchen and discover a chunk of broccoli in the corner of the cookie pan. 
What was it doing there?
Did it want to be a cookie?
Or was it challenging the cookies to an arm wrestle for nutritional quality?
Which would you prefer to eat? Cookies or broccoli?