Monday, July 19, 2021

Cheese Boorger

Do you remember learning how to spell?
I remember some of it, and none of it made much sense. The English language has so many exceptions to rules that perhaps the rules should be thrown out altogether.
I mean, who DECIDES that "gh" is pronounced with an "f" sound, an "oo," or is completely silent?
 So it's no wonder that the person who wrote their favorite dish and posted it on the 5 Guys Burgers and Fries bulletin board failed to follow the dictionary guidelines.
It must have made sense to the hungry author, but it looks like something else to me, so whoever wrote this can keep it all to themselves.
Do you like boorgers?

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Youngest Son = So Much Fun!

Happy July birthday to our youngest and 6th son, Michael (on the right, admiring big brother Jeff, alias second son's, beard.)

 And, yes, it seems the lack of sisters has spurred our boys on to become fairly good cooks. Besides that,, we had a tradition (with the older ones anyway) of them taking turns cooking a family meal every Saturday.
The boys also had to start doing their own laundry after I found that their version of cleaning their room was to stuff all their clothes, dirty or clean, in the laundry basket, but that's another blog.
Even though as the youngest Michael got picked on, he also grew up fast, and learned how to get along with many ages and types of people.
Hey, he's a fungi...or is that fun guy?
No matter how big they get, our sons will always be my much-loved baby boys.
(And there's no question about that!)

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Cancer Free Fandango!

Last year I declared that when I was pronounced cancer free, I'd be so happy I'd dance the Fandango!
At the end of June, the oncologist declared that my cells were normal, and Bob said, "That's the only normal thing about her."
Then I jumped up from my seat and threw confetti in the air.
Doctor Tudor said, "In 41 years of practice, that's the first time anyone's thrown confetti here."
Bob offered to sweep it up, but the nurse said no, she didn't want him to, because she was going to show it to her coworkers.
I think I should have thrown more...
I looked up Fandango dance moves, but couldn't pull anything together that didn't look awkward, so I consulted my nearly-10-year-old granddaughter Kimbree for choreography help. (She makes a cameo appearance at the end.)
 She can do the moves much better than I, but encouraged me to, "Move your hips, Grammy! Swing your arms!" Since I'm the cancer survivor, here's my Funky Chicken style FAN-dango! 
(Watch for it at the end!)
I enlisted my 13-year-old grandson Landon as cameraman, and here's what we came up with!
I'm so happy to be granted a few more years on this vacation we call life, and I'm so glad you're vacationing with me.
Love you!

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Summer Day Unique Seat

While walking around a nice neighborhood in Logan, I noticed a most unexpected sight outside a high-class home.
Do you see it? 
There it is! A bench with a breathtaking view made out of a bathtub!
Would you like to sit in a bathtub to watch the sunset?

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Desert Alligators

See the volcano in the background in this picture, taken looking south from Veyo, Utah?
Does it look primordial?
How about alligator country? Does it look like that?
I always imagined alligators in wet, green areas. 
I don't see wet.
I don't see green.
I see desert. (No, desert, as in dry land, not DESSERT! That's a sweet post-meal concoction.)
So if this isn't alligator country, then where does the alligator meat come from?
If we look on the other side of the sign, will there be dinosaur meat offered, I wonder?
Do you like to try new foods, ones that you don't normally eat?

Sunday, June 20, 2021

What Would You Name Your Boat?

When I went with Bob while he went fishing (I was a boat rider. I'm not a fisher girl.) I saw a boat parked off to one side. When I read the name of the boat, I couldn't help but smile!
It was a fishing boat, after all, so "Hold To The Rod" made a lot of hilarious sense.
I tried to think of something I'd name a boat. Floatie? Fish Roof? Bobbin' Along?
No wonder I don't have a boat!
What would YOU name YOUR boat?

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hands Off My Food!

When my sons lived at home, I'd hide chocolate in the freezer behind the yeast. I figured my boys wouldn't have any interest in yeast, but I'm not 100% sure that they didn't ever find the chocolate, since they all show signs of high intelligence, and I could never remember how much I'd left from my previous raid. (There was always some...) 
So I can understand why Carolyn felt the need to mark the food she saves in our fridge. After all, Bob eats stuff from the refrigerator, and so do I. If we don't know it's hers, well, then, we might just eat it...unless she writes a message on the plastic storage container in permanent marker!
Message received.
Do other people eat your food?

Cheese Boorger

Do you remember learning how to spell? I remember some of it, and none of it made much sense.  The English language has so many exceptions t...