Sunday, October 3, 2021

Surprise in the Princess Cart

Carolyn likes to ride in the princess (kid seat) carts at WalMart, but one day there was something different in the handle well behind her.
What was that? A warped cucumber?
It looks kind of squishy. Is it an overripe avocado?
Oh, uh, is that a real green living thing?
Ah! ALLIGATOR! Squishy rubber alligator that we left in the cart to surprise the next user.
Would you leave an alligator in the cart?
Or would you give it a home?

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Carolyn at the Prom

It was a little bit rainy on prom night, so Carolyn borrowed a bit of Mary Poppins Magic.
Her football player escort led her into the school where two more football players waited to take a prom picture with her!
She's good at all kinds of dancing, even the Conga Line!
(I can't help wondering if ALL high school girls wear high top sneakers to prom these days.)
Now for some 3-D dancing by Miss Carolyn Ruth Anderson!

She danced every dance, not even veering toward the cookie table. What joy, what passion, what a good weight loss strategy!
(Not that she needs to lose weight.)
Do you like to dance?
What do you like to do for exercise?

Sunday, September 19, 2021

A Helpful Nail

My son had a nail in his tire, but said he wasn't going to take it out.
(Can you see it?)
This seemed counterproductive to me. Nails don't belong in tires. Nails punch holes in tires. Holes in tires let air out.
But my son said that his tire pressure was steady. The nail was actually plugging its own hole, successfully trapping the air inside the tire.
In spite of his assurances that all was well in Inflated Tire Land, I had the urge to grab that nail and pull it out because it just doesn't belong there!
His plan is to keep close track of his tire pressure, and then have the problem taken care of the next time he takes his vehicle in for routine service.
What would you do? Leave the nail in for awhile? Or pull it out now and get the tire fixed?

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fun Farmer's Market!

If you were driving down Highway 18 and saw this smiling guy dancing with a giant sunflower on the side of the road at a Saturday Farmer's Market, what would you do?
Since I am a fan of smiling and dancing, I pulled over. It was an extra bonus that I also saw a "sweet corn for sale" sign, even though it wasn't at sunflower dancer Brenden Whitelaw's booth. Among other yummy looking plants, he offered exotic cucumbers, fancy zucchini, and Scottish kale, which I wish I'd tasted while I was there.
Coming up, not this weekend because of the St. George Ironman competition, which tends to close roads, are lemongrass, dill, kohlrabi, White Spice Carrots (what?!) and, of all things, Cosmic Purple Carrots!
Brenden also sells colorful corn, perfect for fall decorations or eating, and he promised larger ears to come! 
So if you're in the market for entertainment, good conversation, and fresh vegetables that you aren't likely to find at a grocery store, then stop by the junction of Highway 18 and the turnoff to Pine Valley, (which is roughly the center of the town of Central, Utah) on Saturday.
For even more fun, there are other booths there, too, such as easy-to-talk-to Dale in his genuine cowboy hat, offering his homemade flutes and unique one-of-a-kind Western decorations for sale.
You're sure to find something fun and interesting there, so stop by if you can!
Have you ever been to a Farmer's Market?

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Odd Role Model

I saw this picture at a thrift store. I don't know what that golden colored figure is. What are the children lined up behind it doing?
 They appear to be mimicking the figure's pose.
But why?
Is it seen as the epitome of behavior in their place of learning?
Is it their teacher?
Is it an alien?
I think those children need to take their own poses.
Have you ever followed someone/thing that you later questioned?

Sunday, August 29, 2021

A Most Unique Garden

 One day I was walking with my grandchildren in Ephraim, Utah when I chanced upon a most surprising garden.
If you'd like a closer look, scroll down.
Even the "stems" and "leaves" were unusual.
Here's a closer look at the creativity of putting dishes together to make this surprising garden.

The garden even had a final polite word for me.
It thanked me for stopping!

Would you like to build a dish garden?

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Don't Let Me Tell You!

Some people care what other people think of them. Others don't. At least they don't seem to, but I've actually heard people say they don't care what others think of them.
Whether you do or not, I had to laugh at this sign I saw in a store.
When it comes down to nitty gritty feelings, we humans actually do not have to believe what others say about us.
No, we don't.
Back when they lived at home, if one of my boys told me someone called them a name, I would usually reply, "You have a blue face."
When my son looked confused, I insisted, "You have a blue face. Go look in the mirror."
Sometimes they did, sometimes not, but they challenged my statement. So I'd say, "Just because I say you have a blue face doesn't make it true. So you don't have to believe whatever people say about you, do you?"
Even though that was a couple of decades ago, the same thing applies today to everybody. You don't have to believe what people say about you unless you want to!
What amazing freedom of thought you possess.
Have you let other people tell you how you should feel?
Do you still? ;o)

Surprise in the Princess Cart

Carolyn likes to ride in the princess (kid seat) carts at WalMart, but one day there was something different in the handle well behind her. ...