Saturday, May 21, 2022

Adventures Of Carolyn

As a Special Olympic Cheerleader, Carolyn rode in the Washington County parade with style.
If you know Carolyn, you know that she loves anything tropical, or Hawaiian, and especially loves pineapple, so she had a blast at a Special Needs Mutual Polynesian Dance with lots of friends and sparkly pineapple dealy boppers on her head.
Carolyn was also happy to have pictures taken with me at the tropical island setting...
...but didn't take kindly to me "eating" her pineapple.
We have housecleaning jobs that Carolyn loves to do, but sometimes it takes her longer to finish than others.
When we're not working, we like to walk in the Tonaquint Nature Park. This time, Carolyn was excited to find a swan sitting on a nest! Because there was a barrier, this was as close as she could get, but it was close enough.
We found a bridge that offered a great chance for a sister picture.
We had to stop at the end of our walk to get pictures of Carolyn with a wall of her favorite colored flowers.
What's your next adventure?


Sunday, May 8, 2022

Old Made New

You may have noticed that I don't know how to turn this picture, but I have faith you your ability to see what it is anyway.

     I discovered how to avoid buying a new under-seat suitcase for someone I live with who loves princesses and doesn't care for the personal-item sized case she already has, royal color that she chose in the first place! (Purple is an ancient dye color reserved for royalty.) 

Spending enough to buy a princess-covered gift bag and a jar of Mod Podge, (which, I was happy to discover, costs LESS than a new suitcase) I rounded up a pair of scissors and a ratty little paintbrush and managed to transform Carolyn's 4-year-old suitcase into an adventure all by itself.

     Now Carolyn chooses this suitcase over the slightly larger hard-sided one she has with spinner wheels that she used to choose every time we went somewhere.
     The final chapter of this story is that after 40 years of not using the stuff, I didn't know how much soap was required to clean the Mod Podge off that ratty little paintbrush.
This was enough.
Do you like to fix things that you already have?
Or would you rather buy new things?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

No Bad Bananas

I like to take food with me when I travel for six hours. I ate the apples, I THOUGHT I ate all the bananas, but when we got to my Uncle Paul's house, I found a spotted straggler banana that didn't look like much compared to Paul's pretty yellow banana collection. 
But to my surprise, Paul greeted my lowly banana with the greatest compliment a food item could enjoy. "That's a perfect pie banana!"
Scanning the fruit, I asked, "Really?"
"Really," Paul insisted. "That one is sweet."
So Paul made banana cream pie.
Do I really have to spell the moral out for you?
You've got it.
What's your favorite pie flavor? (My Dad's favorite flavor was the round one.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

This is the stuff novels are made of.

I found this stuff of novels on my daughter-in-law, Heidi's, site. It's simply delightful.


Monday, March 14, 2022

Who Knew?!

I honestly didn't realize that this required written instructions.
 At what point in your life did you learn this skill?
I am speechless...

Friday, February 25, 2022

North and South

 Here is a snowman we found in northern Utah on February 5, 2022, flanked by my two oldest sons who are each 6' 7",
and here is a "snowman" from southern Utah on February 17, 2022, which is a little shorter than my own 5' 11.5" height, but has more potential lasting power than its northern cousin.
This shows that even though Utah isn't the largest state, it's a diverse one. Bob's parents are natives of the Netherlands, and one summer when his grandmother visited from the old country, the family drove from Salt Lake City to a National Park in southern Utah. Along the way, Grandma asked a time or two, "What country are we in now?" The Netherlands do, after all, take up much less space than Utah.
Now I'm wondering, which snowman's territory do you prefer?

Adventures Of Carolyn

As a Special Olympic Cheerleader, Carolyn rode in the Washington County parade with style. If you know Carolyn, you know that she loves anyt...