Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Candy

Did you ever see such colorful Easter candy? Look at all those flavors!
So sweet and creamy! Which one is your favorite flavor? Go ahead... take a bite... let the sweetness slide down your throat...

and remember what children used to get for saying naughty words!
What happened to you when you said naughty words as a child? (Did you even know what you were saying?)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Honestly, Abe...

A sign hanging over the freeway during President's Day!
Honestly, Abe, you should not text and drive!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I found this strange package in my freezer.
Is it meat? Is it liver? (Shiver!)

Maybe it's fudge. It doesn't look very creamy, though, and I know I didn't make fudge in recent memory.
It's squishable. It's not very sweet, although it does taste like chocolate.

I baked some of it. It didn't look any better. It was underdone, for sure.
I baked some more for a longer time. It looked JUST THE SAME as when I put it in the oven! But it tasted kind of like chocolate cookies.
Kind of.
What would you have done with a mystery package in YOUR freezer?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Fun With Contrails

When I went to work last week, I saw some contrail patterns in the sky that I thought were so interesting that I stopped to take pictures of them before even clocking in!
The first one rose up from "behind" the school, intersecting the moon. 

On the other side of the sky displayed a pattern that looked like the pilots had thought about creating a tic-tac-toe game board.

Do pilots notice other contrails while they're flying around up there in the wild blue yonder? Do they try to make patterns? Do any of them secretly yearn to be skywriters?

Monday, March 14, 2016

Green Grass/Glacier

Green grass is growing around most of the yard, but on the north side of our house is a glacier! (It's higher than the top step, and there are two steps off our back porch!)
This reminds me of the first summer Bob and I were married, when we went camping on the north side of Timpanogos Mountain and saw a glacier there. (That's also where I woke up in the night and thought I saw a toddler in a blue coat wandering among the sagebrush with little short-legged steps, but Bob said he couldn't see anyone. After blinking hard three times, saying that I could see a little boy out there between each blink, I finally lost sight of him myself. What was that? Leftover dreams?) 
I'm so glad for snow and the summer water it gives us.
Are you a snow complainer? Or a snow celebrator?

Monday, March 7, 2016

When Wards Collide

When more than one ward meets in a church building on Sunday, parking can come at a premium...
unless you have a yellin' yellow jeep to drive to Sunday meetings! Then you can part anywhere.
Do you like four wheel drive vehicles? Economy cars? Sporty? Luxury? Leather or cloth?