Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Sights You've Never Seen Before!

While going out and about this Christmas season, I encountered some unusual sights. 
For example, while walking through the St. George Lin's store, I saw a family dressed in onesie pajamas belly up to the ice cream bar. When I asked them about their warm and woolly get-up, they explained their Christmas Eve tradition of going out for ice cream. This year, though, the children challenged them to all go out in their NEW CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS!
What did Mom and Dad say?
Why, YES, of course!
(Wouldn't it be fun to be part of the "Onesie" family?)

I only caught a glimpse of this truck decked out in more lights than the Rockefeller Center tree. (I snapped a quick shot through the window, hence, the reflections.) I think this is a marvelous idea, as long as you obey traffic rules.

(On police radio.) Set up a roadblock for a speeding truck covered in multi-colored lights.
Sounds like a sure-fire traffic stop to me.

Have you ever seen SINGING CHRISTMAS TREES? Besides making me laugh out loud for at least five minutes, they even change mouth shapes.

See? From curvy to rectangular... circles! 

After all, you can't make all the vowels by holding your lips in one shape! (Try it... I dare you!)

The sweet thing about seeing a projection of Mrs. Claus through Santa's workshop window is that my little sister who has Down syndrome exclaimed, "She's waving at me to come in! She wants me to visit her!" 

As we drove on by, I told my sister that was so nice of Mrs. Santa, but we'd have to come back later because we had more houses to see, and there were cars waiting behind us.
(I didn't say how much later we'd come back, did I?
Besides, how would Carolyn feel if she discovered that the jolly Mrs. Claus was just a projection? Gotta preserve the magic, people.

And for a little Christmas un-magic, I present the small-hearted Grinch, in all his hulking shadowy nefariousness.

I'm convinced that our son's cat took some Grinch lessons, as she stole a gift from beneath our tree and clawed it open on one side. 

Guess whose name was on the gift?
Why, mine, of course.

I leave you with this image of a simple, beautiful white tree on a hillside. 
Christmas is simple, after all. 
It's all about love.

I wish for you peace, happiness, and no stolen presents.

Magical Christmas Gift Closet for Big Feet

When I went to a Skechers shoe store in Las Vegas, I didn't see any women's size 11 shoes on the shelves. When I asked, the sales girl smiled and me and said, "Oh, they're in Narnia."
Then she opened a magical mirrored door and revealed the magical stacks of  size 11's. It was a Christmas miracle.
 One thing I've noticed is that not very many stores have cute styles in size 11 women's shoes. Apparently, shoe manufacturers doubt that giant women like cute shoes.
Well, guess what? Cute size 11 shoes are my Christmas wish. (After world peace and love for all mankind.)
What's yours?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Enthusiasm for Christmas Is Fun!

Happy birthday to my brother, DellRay, today! He is approximately 17 months and 22 days older than me. We had great times growing up, which included all 8 of us children. Carolyn is the youngest. Since she recently moved in with Bob and me, I've been reminded that having her live with us makes Christmas even more fun!
She helped my son, Jeff, put lights up outside his house.

She got to sit on Santa's lap.

She put Christmas lights in her room. (A gift from our sister, Bev.)

She was surprised with a timely gift from our sister, Loraine.

She's teaching me that it's more fun to have enthusiasm in life for every experience, and if you can't be enthusiastic, at least reach for optimism.
My other sister, Rebecca, told me how she'd simplified her Christmas gift giving, and was all done by Thanksgiving this year, leaving her free to experience the joyous spirit of Christmas instead of the stress of trying to get everything done.
How are your Christmas preparations? 
Are you an early finisher?
Or do you like to wait until the last minute?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Stop for Gas and Find a Friend

When I stopped for gas in Richfield, Bob got out to pump the stuff into the car and I stayed snug and warm inside, at least until I looked out the window and saw a high school friend at the gas pump right next to ours! 
It was Brett Allred, in living, breathing color.
After more than 40 years, I finally apologized for tipping his motorcycle over.
Do you know what he said?
"I don't remember that."
Now that's a really good friend.
Do you have a friend you haven't seen in a long time?
Who is it?
What's your favorite memory?