Monday, July 29, 2019

Party Girl

Before her birthday month is completely over, here are some snapshots of Carolyn's birthday bash.
 She's had 53 years to get this celebration thing down.
 She made the most of seeing her family, including oldest sister, Melinda (also Biddee or Auntie M.)
She even had great nieces and nephews there to celebrate! (That makes her a great aunt!)
 Big brother DellRay got (and gave) a hug.
 Bob was there, too.
 All but two siblings were there to party hearty! (Back row: DellRay, Shirley, Gregory. Front row: Rebecca, Melinda, and brother in law Paul. Middle: CAROLYN!
 Nephew Brian and his wife Aspen were happy to have made it to the party.
 One of Carolyn's special friends, Jill, loved every hug she could get.
 Oh, yeah, and there were even a few presents.
 Brother Greg, sister-in-law Judi, and niece Alana converged in a group hug!
 Sisters Penny and Deanna came to kick up their heels...or keep them on the floor. (Their choice!)
Nephew Hayden gave Carolyn celebration birthday flowers. You won the race to age 53, Carolyn. Now you're in the race for the age 54 finish line. We look forward to seeing how you make age 54 rock and roll!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Extreme Vandals

I've seen vandalism writing on the sides of bridges, buildings, and bathroom stalls, but never before have I seen it on a highway sign. This one is above the road running East/West past Cove Fort, Utah.
First of all, how did they get up there? 
Secondly, what painting is so important that the artist would dangle above traffic passing below at 80 miles per hour?
(Can you read it? What does it say?)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Magical Walk

We were walking in a Salt Lake City neighborhood near my mother-in-law's house in the vicinity of 900 East and 3300 South, when we came across a street sign that made Carolyn feel right at home.
(And a happy birthday to you, Carolyn!)
She and my grandson Caspian also found a giant sized mural to their liking. 
Here's a broader perspective of the mural. 
So whatever it is or wherever it may be, I hope you find your happy place! 
Where's a place you've been that makes you feel good?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Reluctant Carolyn Ends Up Having Fun!

Carolyn and I got to go on our first cruise last fall! 
(THANKS Jeff and Jamie and family, and Brian and Aspen!)
Since Carolyn has a birthday coming up, and since she LOVES her birthdays and LOVES to have fun, here's a picture from one of her adventure times, even though at first she didn't think it would be any fun.
When we first climbed the ladder up, up, up to the platform, she said she didn't want to go. But thanks to holding hands with my daughter-in-law, Aspen, as they flew along on parallel zip lines, Carolyn decided it was a thrilling adventure after all!
(Brave Brian and Awesome Aspen)
Here's to many more adventures, Carolyn!
How about you? Would you go on a zip line?
Or would you rather watch someone else ride one?

Monday, July 1, 2019

The End of the Mormon Miracle Pageant

I wasn't in the very first Mormon Miracle Pageant in 1967, but I came on the scene in 1970 when my family moved from Haddon Heights, New Jersey to Manti, Utah.
Now it's 2019 and the pageant is over.
Bob gave Carolyn and me a good-bye Pageant squeeze!
 My arms weren't quite long enough to get a very wide-framed picture of me, Andy, and Bob with Pageant props in the background. (What ARE they going to do with all those fake rocks, I wonder?)
Andy made a pretty good security guy before he played the role of the Savior in his home-grown beard.
Once we found seats, we saved them with a sign our son wrote that says: "RESERVED FOR JOSEPH SMITH'S GRANDPARENTS. Seriously, their son's son is playing mature Joseph tonight and they'd appreciate it if you let them sit here to watch. Thanks."

 We even got pictures with some of the cast members! 
(Our grandchildren, and nephew, Jonathan, who's not a cast member this year, but was in years past.) 
 Bob helped Carolyn stand on a chair so she could see how many people were in the audience.
 Our sister Rebecca was there, too!
 I took a picture for the family album of Andy in costume "descending" to the people in the Americas.
 It was a good run, Mormon Miracle Pageant!
I know some people are sad the pageant is over, but, hey, even the dinosaurs didn't live forever.
I used to miss old things much more than I do now that I've learned that things change. It's much more rewarding to look forward to what's next instead of getting a neck ache twisting around to stare back at the past.
Do you like change?
Or do you prefer things to stay the same?