Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Gotta Get Wet In August!

While out riding around, we came across an easy access to the Santa Clara River.
Even better than wading in the water was a trapeze swing that sailed right out over the flowing stream! Carolyn lost no time in taking advantage of a fun way to cool off in the August heat.
 I told her she looked like Jane.
 We didn't find Tarzan, but who needs him when you've got your own water hole in the desert?
Do you like to get wet in the summer, whether it's walking past sprinklers and sticking your hand in the spray, or white water rafting? What's your favorite water sport?

Monday, August 19, 2019

When Old Doggies Die

Our longest lived doggie, Bibs, was past 14 years old and aiming for 15 when she decided to go last night. 

One comforting thought is that my gentle veterinarian father was already there to greet her and throw a Heavenly tennis ball for her to chase, because now she can run again.
 (Have fun 'til I get there, you two!)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What's Your Style?

I don't know if anyone else notices patterns in cars. For example, I often make note of a red, white, and blue car in close proximity while driving along a road.
So when my candy blue car (yes, that is the actual manufacturer's name for the paint color) found some friends, I just had to take a picture. 
I once read a statistic that white is the most popular car color, and the easiest to keep looking clean even from road dirt. 
What's the hardest color to keep looking clean?
What color of car do you like? Are you a calm neutral color fan, or do you like to make a bright color impact while getting from here to there?
(In case you were wondering, my car's the one in the middle.)

Monday, August 5, 2019

I'm supposed to PAY for that?!

I've seen distressed clothing before, and pondered the appeal in an effort to understand it, but still can't figure out how the style persists. I could get it if the clothing is something a person has worn and loved for years, a piece that's accompanied a person through thick and thin, almost taking on the sentient quality of a friend. (I actually know someone who is loathe to give up on his/her old, softened-from-multiple-washings-and-wearings underwear until it just won't stay together on his/her body anymore.)
But if it's a NEW worn out piece of clothing, a complete stranger, to one's body, why would someone want to welcome it to their wardrobe?
If I'm expected to pay for it, I prefer to get my money's worth in buying something that will last beyond tomorrow. If it's got scars, I want to appreciate how they were earned.
Are you a lover of distressed clothing? Do you like your own worn out duds, or do you like to buy soft, old things? Or would you rather put your money down on clothes that look new?