Monday, April 29, 2019

Oh My Scars!

 I think some scars look cool. Some have awesome backstories. Some look cool and have stories!
Some are just scars.
Here's mine...(well, one of them.) 
It started out the size of a pencil eraser on the back of my calf, people! And now it's over two inches long!
Bob says I should wear it proudly, as a reminder that I survived malignant melanoma.
He has a good point.
But I have knee length summer dresses to wear, so I thought I'd experiment with making my scar look prettier. 
What do you think? Are permanent markers my friends?
What's your scar story?

Monday, April 22, 2019

Old...uh... I mean long-time Friends!

On our recent trip to New York/New Jersey, my sister Rebecca and I saw some, long-time friends! (We don't feel old.) One of them tallied up 49 years that have gone by since we last saw each other.
Smiling post-dessert are Linda, Kim, me, Heather (Teresa's daughter) Teresa, Rebecca, and Linda, (from Rebecca's class who lived around the corner from us._
Now for the girls my age:
Linda nominated me for 6th grade class president, Teresa was at our house so much she might as well be another sister, me, and Kim, who our Kindergarten teacher thought was an incoming boy student, so Kim got a boy face sticker on her name tag!)
What's your best memory with your long-time friends?

Monday, April 15, 2019

On the Road in Dallas!

I've had a chance to travel the last couple of weeks! I've most recently been in Dallas, Texas, with my lovely sister Bev and her hunky husband Mark. 
Bev played the flute in school, and she's still got it!
 Bev's friend, Sara, and Sara's daughter, Alison, loved the performance!
My traveling companion was my other sister, Carolyn.
We had a rockin' out dance on Saturday!
 (Macarena, anyone?)
When Carolyn was little, she used to fall asleep doing the spraddle splits. Guess what? She can still do it!

 We loved seeing family, like Bev, Jaren, Mark, Curtis, and Iveth. 
As my old hometown newspaper used to report of social events, 
"A good time was had by all."
Do you like packing a suitcase (or personal item only if you fly Spirit airlines) and going places?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Wookie Hugs

I saw Chewbacca in the store, and I couldn't hold myself back. I mean, he's just so fuzzy and huggable! (Kind of like Bob if he forgets to shave for awhile.)
The debut Star Wars movie came out the year before I was married, so being so close to Chewie just made me feel young again!

Carolyn! Look out! He might step on you by accident!
*Whew!* She's got fancy footwork!
What about you? Are you a Star Wars fan?

Monday, April 1, 2019

Pretty Soled Shoes

Is this a joke? 
I could scarcely believe these Ed Hardy shoes when I saw them at the thrift store. 
They might look like normal pretty yellow high heels, but turn them over.
Look at the soles! They have pretty pictures on them! (And a price tag...) 
Here's a closer view of the detail, the colors, the careful shading.
So here's my question: Who would want to walk on such pretty pictures?
That's pampering yourself in the extreme!
Would you want to walk on art?