Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mother and Son

Robert (as his mother always calls him, while everyday people tend to call him "Bob") is showing his mom some videos on his phone.
This picture resonates with me because:
1. I am also a mother of sons (Six Best Boys Ever!)
~ and ~
2. These are two of my favorite people. (Mother-in-law jokes do not apply.) Ann is a wonderful lady who loves me, and I love her.
I posted it because even though Robert doesn't particularly like me to broadcast his birthday, (I won't give the exact date, but Facebook might) he and his mom both have birthdays this lovely month of May. I also don't know if Ann minds if I mention how old she'll I won't! It's an impressive age, though, and she still lives in her own home.
Happy, Happy Birthday, to mother and son!
Do you share your birthday month with someone you know?

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