Monday, April 30, 2018

Sooo Unexpected!

This is the sitch... my sister Rebecca's working in Lincoln, Nebraska for three months. Just 12 short weeks. 
On Sunday, April 22 she was in Omaha, and decided she would just stop long enough to attend a nearby Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints before returning to Lincoln.
So she went inside a random church house and saw some sister missionaries in the chapel. Hoping to make a connection, she asked, "Do you know Elder Bahlmann?"
(In case you didn't know, our son, Michael, is currently serving a mission in Nebraska, learning the Karen language and working with Burmese people.)
The sisters said, "Yes! He's right out in the hall."
And what do you know? He was!
Rebecca gave him two hugs (one for me!)
Some people don't believe in coincidence. They say that everything happens for a reason.
Some do. They say that things just happen randomly, for no particular purpose.
What do you believe?

Old Friends at The Drowsy Chaperone

After Edwina Jones (costumer, choreographer,) and Colette Smith, (laughing audience member), and Carolyn Anderson, (little sister) and I saw a play, "The Drowsy Chaperone," we took a picture!
It looks like I'm choking Carolyn.
But I'm not.
Just ask her.
(As soon as she can speak again...)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Home Depot Cat

I saw this cat following an employee through Home Depot.
 I couldn't help wondering if it was some kind of service cat.
Was it possible that this particular employee was deathly afraid of mice?
Are you afraid of mice?
Are you afraid of cats?
Are you afraid of anything?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Missing Missionary Plaque

Six months out, and they still didn't have my son's missionary plaque up in the church foyer.
So I made one myself.
 Now they have one.
I thought it looked pretty good.
It took care of business.
About a week later, they got one up for real and for true. 
(What did they do with the one I made, I wonder?)
Do you prefer to go along with the status quo, and wait patiently for things to happen?
Or do you like to take action, stick your nose in, maybe where it doesn't belong, and take care of business?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Carolyn's Easter Bonnet and egg fingernails!

My little sister Carolyn was feeling very pretty in her red Easter bonnet on Sunday.
Not only that, but our friend, Quincie Long, painted Carolyn's fingernails to look like little Easter Eggs!
She had fun finding things to put in her Easter basket.
One funny thing...well, funny to me, maybe not to that when she saw a chocolate bunny, she said, "I like chocolate, but I don't like them killing rabbits."
Startled, I replied, "You think they kill rabbits?"
She pointed at the chocolate bunny. "They kill it, then put chocolate on it."
Managing not to laugh, I explained to her that there is no rabbit killing in the making of chocolate bunnies.
We hope you had a fine and happy Easter, too.