Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reg Christensen Brings Mayberry to Sanpete County

  1. I am in the midst of reading this charming book full of humorous escapades, tragedy, and glimpses of a simpler life, told in an easy narrative style as if Reg himself were talking to me over the back fence. When I have to put it down, I anticipate how soon I can get back to it to see what charming insight the next chapter brings.

  2. Now if you're in Sanpete County, you can meet the author for yourself! (And if you're not... well, then, come and visit!)

  1. Author Book Tour: Reg Christensen, author of

  2.  Regular, The Saga of a Regular Guy from an Extraordinary Place

  3. *Ephraim Library: Friday December 5 from 2 to 8 pm

  4. *Fairview Museum: Saturday December 6 from noon to 5 pm

Now I have a question for you... 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanks Daddy Dell and Momma Ru

My parents were so popular with our friends and neighborhood kids that my father, Dell Anderson, was given the nickname "Daddy Dell."
(Try singing this... 'The farmer Daddy Dell, the farmer Daddy Dell, Heigh ho the dairy-o, the farmer Daddy Dell.') See? It works!
(Isn't he handsome? He never lost his hair throughout his life, either! I think he looks like a celebrity.)
Daddy Dell
President Kennedy

So then the neighborhood kids came up with "Mama Ru" for my mother, Ruth Anderson. She was always setting extra places at the table for kids who would frequently drop by for meals, especially only child Ronnie Ballant, who seemed to be there every evening for dinner. Mom didn't even blink an eye, but fed whoever, whenever.
More than one person said she resembled the actress Myrna Loy. Go ahead, see for yourself! They could be sisters!
Mama Ru
Myrna Loy

So at this Thanksgiving time, I wish to say I'm thankful for my parents adding me to their big, happy family, because my brothers (2) and sisters (5...I make 6) are my ROCKS. They ROcK LiKE A PaRTy!
Who's your rock?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Decorate Once and be Done!

Here's an idea... save time by just putting out decorations for all the holidays at once! 
These homeowners have it covered with a Santa "Welcome" sign, a patriotic wall hanging by the door, two pumpkins hanging from their porch just waiting to be baked into a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and a Halloween ghost crouched by the steps. When they answer the door, perhaps paper Valentine's hearts fall on your head while you're presented with a birthday cupcake and a candle to blow out!
(Make a wish!)
What's your favorite holiday?

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Pierce kids 12 Years Late!

These pix might not matter to you, but they matter to me, and its my blog!
I've never been to Texas, which is where these cute nephews and niece moved many moons ago! (Missed you, Olivia.) So last month, they showed up in Utah, in my mom's house, and I GOT TO SEE THEM AND HUG THEM AGAIN! YAY!
When they were little and living in Utah, we got together a lot and had adventures. I think of them often, and was so excited to see them and talk to them again! (Now they even speak in full sentences!) I loved the time I got to spend with them.
Back row is Curtis, then my son Andy, then Matt on a chair so he can be taller than Andy, then my son Michael and my son Brian. Front row is Emily (whose twin Olivia didn't make it) Jaren, and Brian Pierce. 
 Wait a minute... didn't I say that my son's name is Brian? Yes. Brian Pierce had the name first, but he was willing to share it. (Brian Bahlmann left, sitting by his kind and sharing cousin Brian Pierce right.)
 Since it was Grandma's house, she had to be in the picture, too! Here she is, in the center, with my little sister Carolyn on her left.
 Photo Bomb! I got in a picture, along with the Pierce's dad, A.C., on the far left. 
Do you love to see your family? Do you visit one another often? Or do they years slip by so that when you meet, it's a monumental occasion?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Windy Day

It was such a windy day last Saturday that my car door slammed without me touching it, tree limbs broke off of trees, the rock on my dog's food container blew off along with the lid, and the storm rained on the kibble. I nearly blew away in the parking lot! (Maybe it's a good thing I haven't lost all the weight I wanted to.)
Do you like windy days? Do you like rain? Snow? Sun?