Monday, September 25, 2017

Sparkler Kids

As I drove by an urban structure, I saw these blue and purple kids herding a field of sparkling pinwheels.
The building looked like a house from the side, but I imagine it was something else, like a daycare center, even though I didn't see any signs. It could be someone's house.
Whatever it is, it looks like a fun place to be.
Even without going inside, the outside display inspires wonder and sparks creativity.
Did you ever play with a pinwheel?
If so, were you a purist who blew on the blades to make them spin? (Along with your spinning vision as you flirted with passing out.)
 Or were you the stick-it-in-front-of-the-blowing-fan, turbo blade kind of kid?

Monday, September 18, 2017

A New Place to Put a Car Key

How in the world did a wind-up car go 75 mph on the freeway?
Having a key sticking out of your car wasn't so unusual when the first crank start variety of vehicle was rolling down the streets, but it's a novel place to store a car key these days.
I'd hate to have to wind it, but it might be easier than finding a place to plug in an electric car. And what if you ran out of gas on a remote roadside? It would be handy to wind your car up and just keep going.
When I was little, my dad brought home a red VW Bug car and proceeded to fit his family of 10 inside it like puzzle pieces. Then he drove us seven blocks to church.
I was generally one of the riders in the space behind the back seat with my face squished against the window. I wasn't alone, sharing the squishy spot with Bev and occasionally Greg, too.
Meanwhile, Melinda, Rebecca, and DellRay sat side by side in the back seat with Loraine and sometimes Greg as "floaters." (No seat belt laws.)
With Mom holding Carolyn in the front passenger seat and Dad behind the wheel, we had a place for everyone and everyone was in their place.
Do you like to be driven places?
Or do you prefer to be at the controls?

Monday, September 11, 2017

In Defense of Women

I don't know what it is about this book cover that I like, but there is an abnormally tall lady. I like her hat, too. I also like the title, although the contents are more satire than serious.
I read a bit of biography on the author, H. L. Mencken, who apparently had such a low opinion of marriage that his cohorts teased him mercilessly when he married Sarah Haardt at 50 years old, after a 7 year courtship. (Old habits and all that.) He said he'd married because he was inspired and informed by the Holy Spirit, and it seemed to be a superb communique.
In spite of her being 17 years younger than he was, Sarah died five years later of meningitis.
The sad irony of it! He lived for 18 more years before dying.
That's not so sad, because I think he met Sarah again.
I wonder if she was taller than him.
  I like the lady's elbow on the guy's head on this cover, too. I can relate.
What do you think of this book cover?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Quick Caterpillar

The picture does not do "Speedy" justice. He just looks like a pipe cleaner lying on the dirt. But use your imagination to animate the pipe cleaner into a wriggling speed demon, crossing the road with a speed matched by no chicken in history.
Most likely, if Speedy were racing a chicken, the chicken would let Speedy hitch a ride... in her gullet!
Did you guess that this photo was not taken recently? Do you remember from your childhood school days the time of year that caterpillars tend to crawl across roads in a race against:
1. Starvation before reaching the other side to climb whatever plant looks greener than the ones on the original side of the road.
2. Being flattened by a vehicle, whether it be 4, 3, or 2 wheeled variety... or even the 1 wheeled unicycle my son rides.
3. Being eaten by a curious dog, frog, or passing chicken, who also feels a compulsion to cross the road.
Yes, you guessed it. Springtime.
Do you step on caterpillars?