Monday, May 28, 2018

Tuna Test

Since this week is my birthday week! (YAY! Love birthdays!) I'm blogging about one of my passions: tuna.
Yes, I admit it. Even though Bob leaves the room when I mix up a big bowl of solid white canned tuna, Real Mayo, and chopped celery, spinach, artichoke hearts, carrots, and peppers, I am a big tuna fish fan.
Bob and I currently have a Costco membership, but are questioning whether it's worth the annual fee. The thing is, I love Kirkland solid white tuna.
So in preparation for possible non-access to Kirkland tuna, I conducted a taste test with other store brands.
I was looking not only for taste, but texture. For most of my life, I only ate chunk tuna, NOT KNOWING THERE WAS ANOTHER OPTION. I may have seen "solid white" on a tuna can or two, but it costs more, so it never registered.
Then I accidentally bought some solid white tuna when I was shopping in a hurry. Now nothing else will do, but it has to be GOOD.
While I like tuna with just mayo, I really love it with lots of chopped veggies mixed in.
So which fancy pants brand came closest to matching the current epitome of tuna?
Great Value.
(Yes, you read that right. The most economical store brand had the most firm texture and best taste for me.)
Are you a tuna fan?

Monday, May 21, 2018

Attack of the Giant Spider!

I was startled to find a giant spider ready to jump on my car as I entered the roundabout in St. George's Main Street/Tabernacle Street intersection!
I don't know who made it or what it commemorates, but there it is.
I don't hate spiders. My husband, Bob, is wary of them. He was bitten on the elbow by a black widow about 30 years ago. Not only did his elbow swell up to the size of a tomato, but half his face was paralyzed by Bell's Palsy. The doctor said it may be permanent, or it may gradually heal.
With half his mouth paralyzed, Bob couldn't whistle, and he dribbled when he drank. His smile was a crazy sight to see, and he even kissed crooked.
We were both relieved when he regained full feeling in his face after about six months.
Are you a spider hater?
A spider lover?
Or you'll live your life, and they'll live theirs?

Monday, May 7, 2018

Dogs and Cats

When we took our dog, Bibs, for a walk, we were stopped at our neighbor's house by a friendly cat.
(See the little kitty legs just under Bibs' chest? My little sister, Carolyn, who has Down syndrome, acted as our camera girl.
Bibs was lots bigger than the cat...
...who seemed fearless, even though she fit beneath Bibs' belly!
Who says we can't be friends, just because we're not the same?
Carolyn's favorite cat is our son's gray one, Moroni, because she doesn't bite or scratch.
Moroni loves to climb to the highest places she can find. (Bob's shoulders qualify.)
Our white cat, Sage, is not on Carolyn's Good List, because she bit Carolyn.
Since then, the white cat is working on becoming the master of disguise, yet she's better at hiding the identity of others.
What was/is your best pet? 
What did/do you like about him/her?