Monday, June 25, 2018

New York, No Fork, Mouth the Ocean!

 (Hey, at least the title rhymes!)
My grandson (well, one of them...I've got four of the handsome little mugwumps!) got to go to New York with his high school drama team. When I wanted to commemorate his return with a picture of him behind the miniature Statue of Liberty he brought back, he obliged... with big bites of bread and chewing like a train wreck!

(Okay, I admit that a couple of weeks ago, I showed my chewed food "train wreck" to Bob, but he asked for it! No, he didn't say, "Show me what you're chewing," he just made an unsolicited food comment, which is as good as a train wreck request. So I have to entertain the possibility that my grandson comes by it honestly.) 
I had my own New York adventure as a six-year-old when I got lost at the New York World's Fair. A policeman took me to the Lost and Found with umbrellas, strollers, jackets, and one other kid whose parents came to collect him a couple of minutes after I arrived.
lt seemed like I waited for hours, definitely long enough to drink a glass of milk and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich provided by the two ladies behind the counter. (I must have chewed with my mouth open, a la previously mentioned grandson, since I ended up with peanut butter and jelly blobs on my "I rode the monorail" sticker on my shirt.) There was enough time left after eating to wonder where I'd sleep if my family didn't claim me before nightfall. I thought I was too big for the strollers, and wasn't sure there were enough jackets to make a mattress my size.
But, voila! I was eventually claimed by my family, and rode home coloring in a coloring book until I got car sick.
(Ever since then, the smell of crayons has not been my favorite.)
What memorable trip(s) have you taken?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Julie Wright and Traci Hunter Abramson

A month or so ago, I ran into some good company! Traci Hunter Abramson (on the right) and Julie Wright (on the left) and me in the middle!
It was such a refreshing boost to hang out with author friends! There's no better energy.
I want to do it again!
Who do you like to hang out with?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Call It What It Is... but make it nice!

During a recent public gathering occasion I attended, I needed to powder my nose.
(In case you don't recognize the phrase, that's 19th Century Polite Lady reference for going to the bathroom.)
Anyone who knows me knows porta-potties are not my favorite way to powder my nose, but this one made me smile. 

 That's not the one I used, though. Instead, I opted for the clean white one, subconsciously thinking it might smell better.
It was STILL a porta-potty, but it didn't smell too badly, and to my surprise, it came with (ta-da!)
A flower on the counter.
That just made the powder blend perfectly on my nose.
What do you think of porta-potties? 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dressing up the dog.

Recently, we were lucky enough to watch our granddaughter at our house.
A movie only worked for so long, as did my box of moon sand and a frozen pineapple smoothie. She moved on to some of my fabric scraps and created some dress-up clothes for herself. But when I opened the gate in anticipation of her parents' arrival, and brought the dog in so she wouldn't escape through the open gate, our granddaughter had a new idea.
Dress up the dog!
I can't say whether Bibs was so compliant because that's her personality, or if it's because she's so old. (She's 13 or 14. I forget.)
 (NOW who's so old?!)
After awhile, Bibs did her please-let-me-out pose, but she didn't get her wish until Mom and Dad arrived. 
Are you the kind of kid who tied a baby bonnet on your pet's head before wheeling it around in a baby carriage?

Monday, June 4, 2018

Car with a Halo

I found a car that was all dressed up for summer, with a flower arch halo! 
I don't know the occasion, but it was sure pretty.
 It even sparkled! 
Bob and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary. Some of our time together sparkled, and some of it fizzed like soda going flat. But we worked together to stay together, and here we are, 40 years later, living happily ever after.
We are going to three plays this summer at Tuacahn outdoor theater.
What are your sparkling summer plans?