Monday, February 27, 2012

Magical Time Warp!

Have you ever wished for more time? (Come on, if you're breathing, I know you have!) Children wish for more playtime, workers wish for more leisure time, homemakers wish for time enough to get everything done so they have time to put their feet up.
This week, the world is yours! Wednesday is your extra day, a gift you haven't been given for the past three years, so what are you going to do with it?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Smile for Real!

"Life, the Universe and Everything" (LTUE) this past weekend at UVU delivered a writing jolt to my system that will never wear off! It was worth packing, driving, finding a parking space, staying up late and getting up early. Now watch me write! (You may want to go next year if you're a writer.)
While you're contemplating your writing conference attendance, contemplate fake smiles people give. They're smiling, aren't they, or is that a grimace?
When you smile, make sure it reaches your eyes. You can even smile with your mouth perfectly straight, as long as it reaches your eyes.
Do you smile with your eyes?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Guard those chips to LTUE!

The bracelets are off, the inches are the same, my sanity has returned. "The Buggy Bracelet Diet" is a failure, but I'm not! I'm off to the LTUE Conference this weekend, where I will participate in the panel, "Injecting Romance into Ghost Stories" and Bron will be on a panel "Creating Magic Systems." You should come! Check out the website: LTUE
I will be driving my car, but these are not my chips. Seriously. They belong to my 12-year-old, who put them in a seatbelt on the way home from the store. He loves this flavor. (And his pants fit.) This is a great insight into characterization - considering what one would do for the food he/she loves.
In the most recent book I listened to on CD, the main character described her distaste for fruits and vegetables and her frequent visits to a fast food joint for cheeseburgers. (Her pants fit, too.)
I recently talked to a friend who said that her doctor told her that her blood pressure was too low and prescribed eating potato chips. Seriously. I asked her for the name of her doctor.
When you want to munch, what do you prefer? Sweet or salty?