Monday, October 28, 2019

Ghost in the Garbage

What a surprise it was to find a little white ghostie staring up at me as I walked past a doorway.
Who's haunting me?
Look how funny! Someone took their makeup off and made a ghost without even trying to! Or could it be the ghost of a lady who used to wear makeup?
Do you believe in ghosts?

Monday, October 21, 2019

Killer Jack O Lantern!

When Carolyn and I went to the mall, we found a giant Jack O Lantern with SHARP TEETH and a BIG MOUTH! Carolyn barely escaped with her life!
 Then I fended off the sharp teeth bearing down on me, since I was not willing to become Shirley Pie with whipped cream on top without putting up a fight!
Brave Carolyn even managed to say "Boo" to the ghost, instead of having the ghost scare her with a spooky "Boooo!"
What's your scare factor? Do you get scared, or are you the one doing the scaring?

Monday, October 14, 2019

What A Mess!

I saw this, um, decoration? (Is that what it is?) in a high end model home.
I have one question.
For one thing, who'd want to portray wasting perfectly good ice cream?
For another thing, wouldn't this foster neglect in cleaning up spills? "It's just for decoration anyway...leave the vomit where it is."
Do YOU like this home decoration?
Am I the clueless one about avant garde decor here?

Monday, October 7, 2019

HiGH WaTer!

OH, nO, tHe dAM miGHT buRsT!
 THerE's a LOG PoiSeD tO TUMblE ONto uNwARy veHIclEs!
 aaAaHh! THe roAD Is bLocKEd bY SHeEts of sLippERy WAteR!
WoULd YOu daRE CrOSs THIs roAD?