Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ever See A Squash Tree?

My uncle is a gardener extraordinaire. (Or is that gardenaire extraordinaire?) Whatever you want to call it, Uncle Paul Hansen has a lovely, abundant garden that sometimes produces more than he knows what to do with, bordered by very happy fruit trees

Look at this one for example, high up in the branches, do you see an abundance of round red fruit?

Do you also see a long yellow fruit hanging from the branches?

Hold on...not a fruit...what IS that thing on a bottom branch?

Do you want to take a closer look?

There you go. It's a butternut squash growing in a tree. Call the Guinness Book of World Records! Or else just follow the squash vine that trails into the garden just out of the photo frame. 
This is obviously a brave squash, a traveling squash, unafraid of heights, potential bungee-jumping, or neighbors who are not like itself.
Do you consider yourself a squash or an apple?

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