Monday, January 11, 2021

Toy Surprise Inside!

Some people think church is boring.
Maybe they should look harder, or maybe they should participate more.
Do those people sing the hymns?
 If not, maybe they should try it! I've read some entertaining things in the margins of some hymn books, and had some "number chases," where there's a suggestion to turn to page (fill in the blank) then when you turn to that number, there's a note to turn to a different page, and so on, and so on...
This one Sunday, I took out the hymn book and opened it to find a toy surprise inside!
A red and white bracelet!
Why was it there? Was someone marking the next hymn and got called away? Did a brother tease his sister, hide her jewelry, and forget to tell her where it was? Was it intentionally left for some dedicated little hymn singer?
When you go to church or a group sing-a-long event, do you sing too?

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