Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Hide, Seek, and Panic

A few weeks ago, Carolyn was in the bathroom. When I heard her open the bathroom door, I went to see if she needed help choosing clothes.
But she wasn't in her room.
"Carolyn?" I called.
I glanced into her bathroom on my way past to check the living room, but didn't see her in there.
There was no answer to calling her name repeatedly as I looked in the three other rooms in our house.
Heart beating faster, I went out on the porch, wondering if she'd decided to go for a walk by herself, which is not okay.
Called her name again.
No answer.
Heart racing, I ran back to her room and looked in her closet and on the far side of her shelves.
I couldn't see her anywhere.
I almost passed her bathroom again as I wondered how long I should wait to call the police. Then I decided to go inside the bathroom, just to check, and look who I found standing behind the curtain?
She was delighted that I finished the Hide and Seek game that she hadn't bothered telling me that we were playing.

It's an adventure a day around here! I love this baby sister of mine.


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