Friday, February 25, 2022

North and South

 Here is a snowman we found in northern Utah on February 5, 2022, flanked by my two oldest sons who are each 6' 7",
and here is a "snowman" from southern Utah on February 17, 2022, which is a little shorter than my own 5' 11.5" height, but has more potential lasting power than its northern cousin.
This shows that even though Utah isn't the largest state, it's a diverse one. Bob's parents are natives of the Netherlands, and one summer when his grandmother visited from the old country, the family drove from Salt Lake City to a National Park in southern Utah. Along the way, Grandma asked a time or two, "What country are we in now?" The Netherlands do, after all, take up much less space than Utah.
Now I'm wondering, which snowman's territory do you prefer?

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