Sunday, August 22, 2021

Don't Let Me Tell You!

Some people care what other people think of them. Others don't. At least they don't seem to, but I've actually heard people say they don't care what others think of them.
Whether you do or not, I had to laugh at this sign I saw in a store.
When it comes down to nitty gritty feelings, we humans actually do not have to believe what others say about us.
No, we don't.
Back when they lived at home, if one of my boys told me someone called them a name, I would usually reply, "You have a blue face."
When my son looked confused, I insisted, "You have a blue face. Go look in the mirror."
Sometimes they did, sometimes not, but they challenged my statement. So I'd say, "Just because I say you have a blue face doesn't make it true. So you don't have to believe whatever people say about you, do you?"
Even though that was a couple of decades ago, the same thing applies today to everybody. You don't have to believe what people say about you unless you want to!
What amazing freedom of thought you possess.
Have you let other people tell you how you should feel?
Do you still? ;o)

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