Sunday, April 18, 2021

Which Of These Things Is Not Like The Others?

As the speedometer flies, our house is 25 miles north of the intersection of Bluff Street and St. George Boulevard. (I measured very scientifically, using the car odometer and everything.)
It may not seem like much distance, or it may, depending on your frame of reference, but perhaps this next nifty fact will turn your head, or at least raise your eyebrows.
According to the Internet, our little villa in unincorporated Washington County is 2,386 miles higher in elevation than St. George. 
Sooo, we might as well be in our own weather zone. This point is illustrated by our car parked in this St. George parking lot.
Which vehicle do you think is ours?

Here's a hint: it doesn't look like the others.
Here's another hint: LOOK FOR THE SNOW ON THE GROUND!
Yes, we get snow in the springtime when everyone else in our county is trying on their bikinis.
Well...maybe not everyone...I hope not everyone...actually, I hope not anyone.
But we're not talking about the subtle sexiness of one piece women's bathing suits here.
 We're talking about SNOW. Do you like it?
If so, do you like it in the spring? Or are you a warm weather lover?

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