Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sudoku Shirley

I heard that doing puzzles keeps your brain strong and improves general health and well being.
So I did some Sudoku.
This is not my first Sudoku rodeo, folks. 
(o: Haha, that mental image makes me smile! :o) 
More than one person has shown me how to do it, usually so fast that my eyes blur as their pen speeds across the squares, filling in seemingly random numbers until, TA-DA! They're done, and every line and every square contains the numbers 1-9 in correct order. 
So I tried my best to follow the rules and do the same thing, but my puzzle had a mind of its own, moving numbers around when I wasn't looking to places they hadn't been before. (Why else would I have to fix so many mistakes?)
In my case, Sudoku might be better for my eye-hand coordination than my brain because of all the cutting and pasting of little white squares to fit the boxes.
You might have noticed that the puzzle is incomplete. I know, I know, get back on the horse as soon as you fall off, but I only had so much headache medicine.
Do you like to do puzzles?
What kind?
(If you like Sudoku, you can still be my friend.)

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