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          Since 10-year-old Shirley loved the thrilling adventure of reading, she decided to write a book of her own. After a week of putting pencil to paper, she finally wrote, "The End" at the bottom of the 25th page. Her first novel was about two orphan girls who ran away from the orphanage in a storm, battling the elements until they finally reached a couple who had no children and took the girls in to make a loving family.
          Shirley is the fourth child of 6 girls and 2 boys. After marrying tall, dark, and handsome Bob Bahlmann, they welcomed 6 sons who spanned 20 years.
          A prolific author, Shirley's eclectic talents have produced historical fiction, paranormal, biographies, how-to and how-not-to books. Her attempt at writing romance novels morphed into adventures. She also self-published, "Holy Cow, the Udderly Astonishing Power of Dairy in your Diet!" and the fun children's book, "When the Chicken Crossed the Road," which comes with a washcloth so you can roll your own chicken.
          If you have any questions, comments, or jokes to make her laugh (she likes to laugh) go ahead and email her. yoshirley@yahoo.com
I didn't think writing a novel at 10 years old was extraordinary until I had my own 10-year-olds. Then I knew that 25-pages written longhand just for fun was weird. 
After acting as 6th grade editor of the school newspaper ("The Glenviewer" in case your curiosity was killing you), my family moved from a Philadelphia suburb across the Delaware River in New Jersey to small town Utah where I was mistaken for a substitute teacher. I was twelve. I was also six feet tall and wore nylon stockings to the Utah-ite's knee highs.
I taught myself to type in high school journalism class, edited the school "Write" magazine, and at sixteen had my first work published (a poem) in a national anthology of high school student authors. (Go, me!) 
The Miss Snow College judges believed that I'd be a published book author like I claimed, awarded me the crown, and my family applauded the accompanying scholarship. I'm the fourth of eight children, so scholarships were better than root beer floats.
With a second school newspaper editor scholarship ("The Snowdrift" in case your curiosity was killing you again) I boogied down on tenor sax with the jazz band and married tall, dark, handsome Bob Bahlmann the day before graduation. We had six sons who spanned 20 years. I was always raising boys. It was like the movie "Groundhog Day," and just as exciting.
After writing all my life, I finally got past the fear and published, "Against All Odds" with Cedar Fort when I was 41, punching a hole in the dike that spilled out in over 20 published books and lots of finished unpublished ones, because my personality changed.
I'd like to know that myself. I like mysteries.
I've taught writing for decades, chaired more than one writing conference, and keep on writing whenever I can.
What's my motivation? The answer is, "Why do I eat?" I get hungry for writing. 
I never wait for the writing muse. I just begin, and she gets curious and looks over my shoulder.

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