Monday, October 14, 2019

What A Mess!

I saw this, um, decoration? (Is that what it is?) in a high end model home.
I have one question.
For one thing, who'd want to portray wasting perfectly good ice cream?
For another thing, wouldn't this foster neglect in cleaning up spills? "It's just for decoration anyway...leave the vomit where it is."
Do YOU like this home decoration?
Am I the clueless one about avant garde decor here?

Monday, October 7, 2019

HiGH WaTer!

OH, nO, tHe dAM miGHT buRsT!
 THerE's a LOG PoiSeD tO TUMblE ONto uNwARy veHIclEs!
 aaAaHh! THe roAD Is bLocKEd bY SHeEts of sLippERy WAteR!
WoULd YOu daRE CrOSs THIs roAD?

Monday, September 30, 2019

Carolyn Gets Back To Where She Started From!

Carolyn was thrilled to return to New Jersey, where she was born. The look on her face when she caught sight of the Atlantic Ocean by Sea Isle City, New Jersey, was priceless!
She could hardly wait to get in the water.
She said she wanted to buy a house and live there.
She simply loved the ocean, which was pleasantly warm.
We were so in tune with the ocean scene that we even matched the beach umbrellas!
Carolyn found some beautiful pebbles and shells to keep, and was in awe when she spied a seagull.
We three sisters (Rebecca McGarry, Shirley Bahlmann, and Carolyn Anderson) all loved getting our feet wet, but there was nothing to eat there...well, nothing that we wanted to eat.
So we went to Mike's Fish Market.
Hey, we were there on free mussel could we say no to THAT?
Carolyn looks like she wasn't thrilled about the free mussels...she only ate one. (Maybe that's why.)
Carolyn enjoyed her chicken. (Yes, it counts as sea food. You must have heard of "chicken of the sea!")
We had the BEST table in the whole place, with water on two sides of our table. We were practically floating!
Even the bathrooms were amusing...if you didn't pay attention to the hurricane warning.
Carolyn also enjoyed a big, soft pretzel.
She was also certain that because she was born in New Jersey, everyone there knew who she was, no introduction necessary!
(She made lots of new friends.)
Have you been to New Jersey?
Have you been to the ocean?
(Do you WANT to go to either place?)

Monday, September 23, 2019

Simple, Sweet Sentiment

Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of words to get your point across.
I found this wise saying in a T-shirt in a thrift store. 
(If only I'd known this when I was in high school, I could have aced all my tests!)
Are you a cookie lover?
Or do you like cake better?
Or pie?
What's your pastry weakness?

Monday, September 16, 2019

Lemon? Banana? Spaghetti Squash?

I found some pretty fancy footwear in the thrift store. It was so fancy, I couldn't tell what it was.
 Are these supposed to be lemons? Bananas? Spaghetti Squashes? (Is there some yellow thing I'm missing? Maybe they're magic wish slippers.)
Do you wear slippers? 
Would you wear these?

Monday, September 9, 2019

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!

Oranges - many parts are edible!
I've heard of the nutritional benefits of the white lining inside the orange rind. I've also heard of candied orange peel. (Did these people run out of candy bars, or what?)
So a year or two ago, I tried it. I didn't know where to buy any candied orange peel (click for recipe!), (I think it was invented in Tuvalu), so I peeled my own orange, then cut it into strips.
I had to boil them twice in plain water (drain, rinse, repeat...hey, just like washing your hair!) Then I boiled them in sugar water...I mean stevia water. (Sugar makes my fingers hurt.)
 Then I dipped them in dark chocolate, dahling. (The benefits are amahzing.
 Would you eat something that looked like muddy squid tentacles? Do you like trying new food, or are you happy with your tried and true favorites? 
What would you like to eat that you haven't tried yet? 

Monday, September 2, 2019

It's not a dirty toilet!

Okay, I'm the first to admit that I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. June Cleaver has me beat by a mile, but I'm better than I was. I have a few standards! So when I saw a brown spot in a toilet that I've fought to clean out hard water toilet rings (with near disastrous results), I decided to eradicate it.
But when I looked closer, the brown spot wasn't what I thought it was. Rather than a piece of waste, it was a thirsty moth.
Our old doggie used to drink out of the toilet, but this was the first time I found an insect taking a sip at the never-ending porcelain well.
What would you do?
Squish it?
Flush it?
or leave it?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Gotta Get Wet In August!

While out riding around, we came across an easy access to the Santa Clara River.
Even better than wading in the water was a trapeze swing that sailed right out over the flowing stream! Carolyn lost no time in taking advantage of a fun way to cool off in the August heat.
 I told her she looked like Jane.
 We didn't find Tarzan, but who needs him when you've got your own water hole in the desert?
Do you like to get wet in the summer, whether it's walking past sprinklers and sticking your hand in the spray, or white water rafting? What's your favorite water sport?

Monday, August 19, 2019

When Old Doggies Die

Our longest lived doggie, Bibs, was past 14 years old and aiming for 15 when she decided to go last night. 

One comforting thought is that my gentle veterinarian father was already there to greet her and throw a Heavenly tennis ball for her to chase, because now she can run again.
 (Have fun 'til I get there, you two!)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What's Your Style?

I don't know if anyone else notices patterns in cars. For example, I often make note of a red, white, and blue car in close proximity while driving along a road.
So when my candy blue car (yes, that is the actual manufacturer's name for the paint color) found some friends, I just had to take a picture. 
I once read a statistic that white is the most popular car color, and the easiest to keep looking clean even from road dirt. 
What's the hardest color to keep looking clean?
What color of car do you like? Are you a calm neutral color fan, or do you like to make a bright color impact while getting from here to there?
(In case you were wondering, my car's the one in the middle.)

Monday, August 5, 2019

I'm supposed to PAY for that?!

I've seen distressed clothing before, and pondered the appeal in an effort to understand it, but still can't figure out how the style persists. I could get it if the clothing is something a person has worn and loved for years, a piece that's accompanied a person through thick and thin, almost taking on the sentient quality of a friend. (I actually know someone who is loathe to give up on his/her old, softened-from-multiple-washings-and-wearings underwear until it just won't stay together on his/her body anymore.)
But if it's a NEW worn out piece of clothing, a complete stranger, to one's body, why would someone want to welcome it to their wardrobe?
If I'm expected to pay for it, I prefer to get my money's worth in buying something that will last beyond tomorrow. If it's got scars, I want to appreciate how they were earned.
Are you a lover of distressed clothing? Do you like your own worn out duds, or do you like to buy soft, old things? Or would you rather put your money down on clothes that look new? 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Party Girl

Before her birthday month is completely over, here are some snapshots of Carolyn's birthday bash.
 She's had 53 years to get this celebration thing down.
 She made the most of seeing her family, including oldest sister, Melinda (also Biddee or Auntie M.)
She even had great nieces and nephews there to celebrate! (That makes her a great aunt!)
 Big brother DellRay got (and gave) a hug.
 Bob was there, too.
 All but two siblings were there to party hearty! (Back row: DellRay, Shirley, Gregory. Front row: Rebecca, Melinda, and brother in law Paul. Middle: CAROLYN!
 Nephew Brian and his wife Aspen were happy to have made it to the party.
 One of Carolyn's special friends, Jill, loved every hug she could get.
 Oh, yeah, and there were even a few presents.
 Brother Greg, sister-in-law Judi, and niece Alana converged in a group hug!
 Sisters Penny and Deanna came to kick up their heels...or keep them on the floor. (Their choice!)
Nephew Hayden gave Carolyn celebration birthday flowers. You won the race to age 53, Carolyn. Now you're in the race for the age 54 finish line. We look forward to seeing how you make age 54 rock and roll!

What A Mess!

I saw this, um, decoration? (Is that what it is?) in a high end model home. I have one question. Why? For one thing, who'd want...