Monday, January 14, 2019

Eating in the Car

My husband doesn't like to eat in the car. He's concerned about being distracted for even a second while traveling at high rates of speed. 
I must concede that he has a valid point. All I can do is wonder how he ever gets everything DONE? 
(Oh...organization? What's that?)
One time while riding with my sister, I pulled out a bell pepper and took a bite like it was an apple.  Startled, she asked, "You don't cut those up?"
"No," I replied, "takes too much time. It's easier just to bite into it."
"Wow," she said. "I always bought those little peppers in the bag to eat in the car, because I didn't have time to cut up a big one."
"Well," I said, "now you don't have to." I held the pepper out to her. "You wanna bite?"
She tried it...she liked it!
When my littlest sis Carolyn saw me biting a pepper in the car, she thought it was so funny that she took a picture.
Do you eat in the car?
What do you eat?

Monday, January 7, 2019

Cleaning Toilet Disaster

Once upon a time, I tried to remove a brown ring from around the toilet in our house. It was there when we moved in, and wasn't getting any better. I tried several cleaning products that promised to whiten any throne, but nothing I tried worked. I even tried the Coca Cola cure.
It didn't work, either.
Then I studied a Youtube video that suggested draining the water from the toilet, stuffing a rag in the hole, then sealing it with a simple circle plug. (Linked video is not the exact one, but has the same concept. I grew tired of searching.) THEN pour in hot water to the holes on top, add the cleaner, and let sit for an hour.
I was willing to try it! I just didn't see any need for the rag in the hole once I got the water out. I mean, the circle plug fit just fine. So I didn't bother with the rag. 
I got this.
I poured in the magic solution, then left the bathroom to do some work in the kitchen. (Housework is never done, in case you didn't know. At least, it's never done at my house.)
After about five minutes, I heard a mysterious whooshing noise coming from the bathroom. It sounded like the toilet flushing...but it hadn't been an hour yet! Who was messing up my cleaning plan? 
It turns out I'd sabotaged myself. The water pressure pushed the wimpy rubber plug down the drain.
Was it almost to the septic tank, clogging the drain f-o-r-e-v-e-r?
After Mighty Bob pulled the toilet, he found the plug sitting crosswise on the very edge of the abyss.
And he still likes me.
Brown ring and all.
In fact, he prefers a stubborn brown ring staying in the toilet to pulling a toilet off the floor.
I actually finally got rid of the ring with a pumice stone cleaner thingy. (This is not the exact brand. Either it's not made anymore, or I'm Internet-Search-Challenged.)
I maintain the bowl with bleach tabs added to the toilet tank.
Have you had an cleaning mishaps at your house? What happened? 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Tape People

Have you ever seen a spirit?
I don't know if I have, unless you count the white personage flying through a pillar. (See photo.)

I don't know what to say about spirits, but whoever made these "floaters" at Desert Hills High School had a great deal of patience, creativity, and imagination!
Have you ever seen/heard/felt a spirit?

Monday, December 24, 2018

Decorating Irony

What did you get for Christmas?
More stuff?
(Ooo, pick me, pick me!) This plaque can help clutter your home as it encourages you to simplify your life!
And then there are potentially cluttery activities. What about plain old nail polish?
My little sister Carolyn wanted PINEAPPLES on her fingers!
(Well, okay, maybe sometimes it's worth the time to do something extra. They did turn out kind of cute.)
Here's the pineapple girl herself. And if she brings that thing home, she's going to have to cut it up! 
I'm more of an Open-The-Can-Of-Pineapple girl myself.
What do you like to do/have/spend time on that's worth the clutter?

Monday, December 17, 2018

A Christmas Carol with Mallory

If you thought you saw a scary Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Future in "A Christmas Carol" without seeing the Snow College production of 2018, then you may want to think again.
This was one creepy ghost, with my granddaughter Mallory and my sister Carolyn.
I was so happy to see Mallory in her performance at the college play. She auditioned, and got a part.

Is that a Hollywood face, or what?

(There are other Hollywood faces in my family, too, but this was Mallory's night.)

By pure chance, I was delighted to find that my seat was right next to Mallory's great grandma, Doreen Brugger! (And the auditorium wasn't even all the way full!)
Do you have a favorite Christmas play or movie?
What is it?
Why do you like it?

Girl Squirrel Underpants for Christmas!

When I saw this in a thrift store, I thought it might be the perfect gift for the person who has everything else they want.
It would also get a check mark if they love squirrels.
(Do you know anyone like that? Oh, yes, the 14th person on your list?)

Since these are clearly marked for girl squirrels, I don't know what boy squirrels are supposed to do, unless they like the color pink.

Or unless they don't like underpants.
What's the most unusual gift you've seen/given/received?
(By the way, I only took pictures and left these on the shelf. I don't know any squirrels.)

Monday, December 10, 2018


This was one of those funny/sad moments in life. We were at a church when my little sister Carolyn said she needed to use the bathroom. So she opened up this door, because the sign next to it said, "Restroom," didn't it?
Well, not quite... the poor girl opened the door, looked at the platform with chairs and microphone stand, then looked at the sign, then looked through the door at the platform again.

It was a real "Candid Camera" moment. When I finally stopped giggling, I was able to point her in the right direction.
My worst bathroom incident happened in kindergarten when I was too afraid to tell the teacher I had to go. By the time my friends convinced me that the teacher would say, "Yes," I had to go so badly that once in the bathroom, I didn't dare let go of holding it in (you know, the classic hand stopping the flow) so I let out a wail of fear and pain.
The teacher hurried in to my rescue, along with the whole class crowding around the bathroom door! When she told me in her no-nonsense Mrs. Garrison voice that of course I could go in the toilet, wonder of wonders, I could!
I don't even remember if she shut the door first.
(I didn't even care!)
What's your best bathroom story?

Eating in the Car

My husband doesn't like to eat in the car. He's concerned about being distracted for even a second while traveling at high rates of...