Monday, October 19, 2020

Bunny Shadow

Some people may have an opposite opinion, but I'm actually fond of dressing up, so Halloween appeals to me.
I loved this bunny reaching for something different in life, making him/herself big and possibly scary, certainly creating something knew for him/herself.
It's a great inspiration, for Halloween, or for life in general.
Do you like reaching for new things in life, or are you more comfortable with the same routine?
Do you like wearing costumes?

Sunday, October 4, 2020


When we took a 4-wheel drive ride down to the river bottom, we enjoyed the shade of the colorful cool autumn leaves and the sight and sound of running water.
Carolyn was especially willing to be the star of a fashion-magazine-worthy photo shoot.
She knows all the best poses.
When we turned to go, imagine my surprise at seeing the most energy efficient fire I've ever come across.
 Is it the red color that keeps you warm? Or the mental suggestion planted by the hot yellow word, "fire?" Does your food just taste warm because you think it is? Or do you pack a sandwich?
Do you like campfires?
Or are you a forced-air furnace type of person?

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sign Fails

Proofreaders needed!
If a shopper couldn't read, he or she would get the wrong impression of the 3-pack refill wands mentioned in this sign. 
They'd mistakenly think the wands were only worth 3 1/2 stars (count 'em!)
But perhaps the "4.4 star rating" is wrong.
Whatever the truth, this information simply doesn't match. It messes with my head.
When presented with two choices at a waffle shop, I knew instantly which one I'd choose. 
I'd eat savory over sweat any day.
When I pointed the spelling error out to the manager, she was surprised that it didn't say, "sweet."
Does correct spelling matter to you?

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Weird Shirt

 When someone told me they could never find anything to wear at a thrift store, I thought it was an odd statement.  All you have to do is spend enough time and be willing to make repeat visits to stock your wardrobe.

But then I found this weird shirt. If this is what she saw, then I can imagine why she'd hurry out of the store that didn't carry her style.

It's hard to even take a picture of it to show its real strangeness. It's a short sleeved t-shirt with two long sleeves sticking out of the front at about waist level.

What's that all about? Is it some kind of t-shirt baby carrier where you put the baby's legs in the long sleeves and carry the child against your tummy?

Or are you supposed to wrap the long sleeve parts around your waist and tie them in the back? Or in the front?

Or was it made for someone who has four arms?

What do you think it's for?

Monday, September 7, 2020

Ran Out Of Paint

When I first saw this shirt at the thrift store, I was attracted by the bright red flowers and intense green leaves. I actually considered adding it to my large collection of thrift store t-shirts, even though I don't need any more. Yet this one could possibly be worth shoving some of the others over to make more closet space.
And then I turned it around...
What the HEY? Who didn't finish their job?
That back side was the deciding factor. This shirt was not going home with me. I didn't want to give anyone following me a headache from wondering why there was a colorful butterfly and only outlines of flowers and leaves.
I know, I know, this is one of those artsy intentional designs, like flood pants (meaning ones that are a few inches above the ankle but awkwardly longer than capris...I got teased so much for being tall in public school that wearing pants hovering above my ankles only takes me back to those unpleasant "King Kong Shirley" days. I won't wear them! They're a fashion faux pas in a plot to undermine the confidence of unusually tall people who thought they left their days of teasing behind! But I digress.)
Who thought up the unfinished painted shirt design, anyway? 
Lazy people?
Maybe not. Maybe it's just me and my uneducated design mind. 
Let's find out.
Do you like this shirt?
(Do you like flood pants?)

Monday, August 31, 2020

Car Color Game

When I was a child, we sometimes traveled a from New Jersey across the country to visit my grandparents in Utah and uncles and aunts in California, Oregon, and Idaho.
In order to pass the time while rolling down the highway for several days in a row in the 1960's, we played games such as "The Alphabet Game," (click to see the rules. It's the first one on the list, followed by several others, most of which we never played) The License Plate Game, (4th on the list linked above) and the Car Color Game (not listed on the link.)
The Car Color Game involves choosing a color and counting how many cars you see in that color. The first one to whatever pre-determined number is set (1, 5, 20, 50, whatever you can agree on) is the winner!
I tended to choose my favorite colors: bright yellow, orange, green, or red, if one of my other many siblings didn't yell them out first. Funny thing about it, though, is that I don't ever remember winning.
As I recall, my older brother usually chose white, which, while at times a useful color (or absence of color, depending on who you talk to), is also one of the most boring colors on the planet, in my opinion.
But my recollection also serves to remind me that this brother of mine almost always won the game.
I wonder why?

Creepy Eyes