Monday, January 20, 2020


Some custom license plates make me stop and wonder what they're trying to say. What do they mean? I don't like the ones I can't figure out, that are some kind of secret inside joke that only the nearest and dearest can decipher.
My sister's custom license plate reads: ACCEBER.
(Do you know what that means? I'll tell you below!)
I came across this handsome fellow a few weeks ago, with a pretty clear message.
"O behave!"
Even though I understand it at face value, it still makes me wonder...
Is the truck supposed to behave?
Is the drive of the truck the one who needs to behave, or perhaps the driver's passengers?
Or are the drivers behind the truck supposed to behave?
Perhaps it's the general population, anyone who sees the message, reads it, and asks themselves, "How am I behaving?"
What else could it mean?
What does it bring to your mind?
Oh, and my sister's license plate? Read it belongs to my sister REBECCA!

Monday, January 13, 2020


What if you long to hit the road, but your wallet has already been hit too hard to support travel expenses?
Well, then, make your own camper!
Get various pieces of material hard enough to make walls.
Hammer them together on your vehicle, adding what you need as you go, from a ladder to a milk crate to an air conditioner to a custom-width door.
Then hit the road, your style! 
I found this one-of-a-kind, do-it-yourself vehicle in a thrift store parking lot.
The thriftyness runs deep.
What about you? Are you thrifty enough to be okay with used items? Or do you like your things nice and new?

Monday, January 6, 2020


I got a terrific Christmas gift when Bob put new counters in our cottage. I didn't get pix of the old ones, made of boards that were separating, but you can see one of the old counter joints that had pulled apart beneath the new counter top.
This was the case in more than one place, so liquid leaked through to at least one drawer below.
My ever-lovin' fix-it husband watched many Youtube videos, (he calls it "Youtube University") got the necessary supplies, and made the countertops for us with his own two gloved hands!
I got a new sink, too, inspired by my son's new one! This is where it will go:
Can you see the beautiful hammered copper finish that Bob made with his trowel-y tools and paintbrush? Can you also see the wonderful silky smooth surface? (Our old one was rather lumpy.)
Bob even added sparkles for me! 
(Yes, this is the same countertop, only with different lighting so it looks like another color, but they're really the same.)
I wouldn't have thought of getting a sink with a large side and a little side, but it's terrific for washing big things like pans.
This project reminded me to be thankful for running water, and a place to wash dishes besides the tiny bathroom sink or bending over the bathtub.
How about you? Do you like to fix things yourself? Or do you like someone else to do it?

Monday, December 30, 2019

Snakes Alive! New Year's Resolutions

Does one of your New Year's Resolutions happen to be experiencing more adventure in your life?
Did you write down that you're determined to be brave, bold, and daring in 2020?
Well, here's your chance!
It seems that not a lot of people like snakes much.
I'm not one of them.
Neither is Aspen Mahan, who has caught and kept snakes since he was 12 years old. He's even done educational programs for schools and other interested groups.
He's careful to pick the right reptile for the right person. Here's my little sister Carolyn, delighted to hold a little hog nosed snake.
She and I joined forces to experience the feeling of smooth python muscles running through our hands.
Some of Aspen's snakes are for viewing only.
But if you have the skill or desire, you could try communicating with them.
Aspen is very accommodating, even to showing us other interesting critters he has, such as this tarantula spider.
This is a different tarantula spider.
He even has a scorpion, one of several species, and if I remember right, one of the most poisonous. (There's some adventure for you!)
This is not a real spider. It's a fascinating spider skin that one of his spiders crawled out of when it got too big for its britches. Aspen told us that young spiders can shed their skin several times a year because they grow so fast.
If you want an unforgettable experience, then contact Aspen (he lives in southwest Utah) to schedule a time to see all the interesting critters he has to show you, and listen to all the fascinating facts you can learn.
You'll never know unless you go!
Contact Aspen at, and he'll be happy to give you a tour, just for the joy of learning.
It looks like his snake is ready to go off the picture and learn something new, too!
Do you like to try new things that seem initially difficult, or are you happy with the comfortable status quo of daily life?

Monday, December 23, 2019

Looking for Santa

Christmas is so close, it looks to me as if our son Brian's cat is going to great lengths to watch for Santa.
Animals live in a different world than we do, with different points of view and expectations. 
(I can't tell you what they are. I'm not a cat!)
Have you heard the tradition that animals speak on Christmas Eve? Mental Floss offers an idea of how the legend came to be, and the variable outcomes, from animals worshipping the baby Savior to animals planning/predicting the deaths of their owners.
There's a movie about this tradition, too, The Night The Animals Talked and a song titled The Friendly Beasts.
Sometimes our pets "talk" to us on days other than Christmas Eve, such as when they meow at the door in unquestionably high decibels to tell us they want to come in!
What do you think about the animals speaking on Christmas Eve tradition?
Do you have pets?
Do they "talk" to you?

Monday, December 16, 2019

Would You Eat This?

I found this elegant chocolate confection for sale.  
(Check out the fancy name! There's even an apostrophe in it!) 
As I studied the treat that cost more than a giant sized candy bar, I wondered what the appeal was. A dried apple ring, okay, I've managed to chew down a piece or two of dried apple in my life. It would give the treat staying power, for sure, but what about the dried oranges, including a petrified rind as hard as old leather? I would not choose to try eating that.
And what's with the flower petals scattered down the middle? I admit that I eat flowers: broccoli flowers and cauliflower flowers (rock on, redundancy!) but I have no desire to eat random flower petals of questionable food grade.
I can't help wondering who thinks of these things.
Did the inventor of this questionable confection even taste it before putting it in a pretty box on the shelf?
Do you understand this candy?
Would you eat it?

Monday, December 9, 2019

Why Park By Me?

After experiences of having my car doors dinged by neighboring vehicles with no manners, I prefer to park far away and by myself in a parking lot. 
Which is what I did with my little blue car.
 But when I came out from the store, what did I see? A big ol' white car parked RIGHT NEXT to me.
Was I in a premium spot, or what?
Did the big white car have a crush (how punny!) on my little blue car?
Did the big car think my little car was lonely all by itself?
I just didn't get it, and didn't stick around to ask.
How about you? Have you had your car doors dinged?
(Or are you a door dinger?)

Whatever you are, you might be better at it if you apply this license plate's advice.
 I've heard that success is 90% determination and 10% inspiration...or 99% to 1%...or 95% to 5%...whatever the ratio, determination always comes out ahead, even if you're determined to park by the only car in an isolated place in a huge parking lot!


Some custom license plates make me stop and wonder what they're trying to say. What do they mean ? I don't like the ones I can'...