Monday, January 11, 2021

Toy Surprise Inside!

Some people think church is boring.
Maybe they should look harder, or maybe they should participate more.
Do those people sing the hymns?
 If not, maybe they should try it! I've read some entertaining things in the margins of some hymn books, and had some "number chases," where there's a suggestion to turn to page (fill in the blank) then when you turn to that number, there's a note to turn to a different page, and so on, and so on...
This one Sunday, I took out the hymn book and opened it to find a toy surprise inside!
A red and white bracelet!
Why was it there? Was someone marking the next hymn and got called away? Did a brother tease his sister, hide her jewelry, and forget to tell her where it was? Was it intentionally left for some dedicated little hymn singer?
When you go to church or a group sing-a-long event, do you sing too?

Monday, January 4, 2021

Where's the Potty?

Whoever designed this building either had a sense of humor or a mean streak.
On my quest for a ladies' room, I walked down the hall and spotted a door... turned out that it wasn't the one I wanted, but there might be a need for cleaning and/or first aid supplies if I didn't find a bathroom soon!
I stepped on past, still on a quest for the ladies' room, but my niece tugged on my arm and pointed to an obscure door beyond the custodial door in the dimness at the end of the hallway.
Was it true? Could it be?
Eureka! The door I'd searched for was finally revealed!
Who thought of putting the ladies' room in such a hard to find corner?
A man who didn't understand women's needs?
Or an embarrassed woman who didn't want people to see her going in through a bathroom door?

Monday, December 28, 2020

Kitten Curl

If any animal knows how to relax, I would vote for a kitten.
Many events in the past few months have made me wish to emulate this most restful pose. On a few occasions, I've been able to do so without any guilt whatsoever.
(Wait...shouldn't I be able to do it any time I like with no guilt?)
Yet in my view, a fulfilled life requires action, decision-making, and moving forward with goals, whether large or small. They can range from finishing my next manuscript to making a single phone call to communicating effectively with my little sister to improving my skills in playing the piano and ukulele. (I'm already pretty good on the saxophone!)
I don't set New Year's goals. I set them all year long!
How about you? Are you traditional New Year's goal setter? Or do you prefer to see what life brings to you, and act surprised?

Monday, December 21, 2020

Santa's New Sleigh

As those of us who didn't know before has most likely learned this year, the only thing certain is change.
Go, Santa!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Don't Sign Up!

I try to do my bit for community events, I really do. I like to help, but sometimes I have to wonder if anyone really wants it.
Make treats for last year's New Year's party? 
Sure! I'll do that.
But does anyone want to EAT them?
That's can be honest. If you had the two offerings below to choose from, which one would you pick? (Notice that the box on the left as NO missing cupcakes...not one!)
And check out this nearly empty holiday goodie tray.
But I have another question for you.
If you spent SO MUCH TIME making such attractive treats, would you really want to watch people destroy them with their teeth?
The less effort to accomplish the same amount of sweetness, the greater enjoyment in Shirley's world!
Are you a gorgeous treat-maker?
Or are you also a graduate of the Dr. Seuss school of cupcakes?

Monday, December 7, 2020

Cat In A Coat

I don't know about where you live, but baby, it's cold outside. We had snow this morning. Just a little, but if it lands on the car and ground and stays there, you know it's cold enough for a blanket at night.
It's true that animals have fur to keep them warm. According to my understanding, as long as animals are kept outside, they can acclimatize to any weather, as long as they have shelter from the wind. (I do wonder about short-haired animals. I just don't know.)
Our cat Sage loves to crawl into plastic bags...I know, you might wonder about her mental state, and you'd be right...but this time she crawled into Bob's coat. (Do you see her tail?)
All she wants for Christmas is to sleep inside, but she's too spastic for that. She's got a perfectly comfortable padded box on top of the fireplace insert on the porch. There's even residual fireplace heat, and treats...always treats in her comfy quarters when we take her outside for the night.
Maybe she wants a coat now, too...
Do you like the cold? (You can always put more on, but can only take so much off without being arrested!) Or do you prefer hot weather? (It's never too hot for a hottie like you!)

Spider in A Roll