Monday, May 25, 2020


I found this shirt in a thrift store. I liked all the colors. I liked the puzzle pieces. and I liked the words, except that I don't know if people can really be anything they want.
While many things can be learned, like how to make pancakes, don't some jobs require a certain skill set? You need to understand how numbers work together in order to be a mathematician, don't you? You need to understand colors and shapes to be an artist, right? 
There may even be some body compositions to consider in certain careers. A skinny bouncer wouldn't be taken as seriously as one with broad shoulders. A tall, beefy jockey isn't likely to win any races. In high school, I wanted to be a stewardess, but I was too tall. Fortunately, I'm not too tall to be a writer.
Neither are you!
And, good news! No one is too tall or too small to be kind.
I regret some of my past unkindesses and thoughtlessness and power trips, but I console myself by knowing I can be kind from now on.
Do you like to be kind?
Or do you like the rush of picking fights?

Monday, May 18, 2020

Like Father Like Son

It's my oldest son's birthday this week. He likes to have fun, and also sets the example for his own oldest son. 
We like to laugh.
Happy birthday, Andy.

Monday, May 11, 2020


I saw some interesting license plates, such as this one that was set on an angle. It looks like it's falling off, but it's supposed to be that way.
Why? Maybe it's a fashion statement, like those blouses that fall off one shoulder, as if they're broken.
I had to wonder what this license place meant. Did they finally get a car? Did they finally pay it off? Did they finally reach their destination?
What funny cars or license plates have you seen recently?

Monday, May 4, 2020

We Were There For You, Dad!

It was my dad's birthday yesterday! If he were still on this earth, he'd be 96. 
Dad wasn't Jewish, but one of his sons-in-law is. There is a nice Jewish tradition about putting a stone on a grave marker.
Why do they do it? 
From my research, the Jewish tradition of a pebble on a headstone symbolizes the continuing presence of love and memories, which are as strong and durable as a rock.
It also shows that family and friends have been there to visit the grave.
It's a nice tradition, so I put a pebble on the headstone.
Love you, Dad! 
Happy birthday!
Do you have any family traditions for loved ones who've passed on?

Monday, April 27, 2020

Sneaky Hiding Place

We have two cats. 
Well, actually, we don't have any cats, our two youngest sons each have a cat that's not allowed to live with them, so the kitties live with us.
They like to be inside, but at night they are too bothersome. They jump on sleeping people's heads, and pat sleeping people's faces, and meow so loud they make nightmares. So it's their own faults they're now nighttime outside cats. 
The problem is, they found hiding places. For a couple of weeks, we could never find Moni when it was time to go outside, until one day we saw her hopping out of the corner of the top closet shelf.
Now she goes outside every night.
Do you have sneaky pets?
(Or are yours perfectly behaved, as in, perhaps you don't have any?)

Monday, April 20, 2020


When we bought our charming little house in the woods, the plywood skirting had taken enough beating from the sun and snow that it was bent, cracking, and not really worth a picture. (Don't want to give you nightmares.)
So Mr. Fix-it, a.k.a. Bob Bahlmann, replaced it with foam insulation board.
But that's not all! 
Even though it was prettier than the scruffy particle board, it was very plain.
So Bob put some thin coat over it, then traced a brick pattern in the thin coat before letting it dry.
But he wasn't done yet! Using different colors of paint, he went around and around the house again and again, painting the bricks different colors.
Oo-la-la! What a difference some paint makes! Now they're all different colors, but they're still not done. What else can there possibly be?
One of the neighbors who didn't watch the process complimented us on our new rock facing.
Yeah. It's amazingly awesome...
...except for the creepy photographer shadow.
Do you like do-it-yourself projects?
What have you tried?

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bunny Fabric

Yay for Easter!
I like fabric. I have to hold myself back from buying as much as I really want to get.
I come by it honestly. My grandmother was a professional seamstress who sewed drill team uniforms, wedding dresses, and did alterations that made clothes fit so well that it looked as if the people who wore them were born in them.
My grandmother's daughter went further, acquiring so much fabric that she actually bought a single wide trailer to keep it all in.
So, I don't know if it's nature or nurture, but I am truly drawn to buy fabric, especially shiny, flowy, beautiful, or interesting fabric.
Yet I saw the futility of having way more than you could make in a lifetime, so I've given a few bushels of fabric away, and I mange to hold myself back, from buying, anyway.
So now I content myself with taking pictures of fabric that grabs my fancy, like this adorable bunny fabric with 3-D bunny tails sewn on! Then I can smile and remember and not have to store the cute stuff.
What do you like to collect?


I found this shirt in a thrift store. I liked all the colors. I liked the puzzle pieces. and I liked the words, except that I don't kno...