Monday, April 6, 2020

Two Left Shoes

When I was at the thrift store, I spied a pair of my favorite footwear.
(Did I say I love flip flops?)
So of course I tried them on.
Now, I can't understand how this happened, but after walking around in them for five minutes, I decided they were worth $2.00, and I bought them.
Are you laughing?
Can you see what I didn't?
Look at those little letters on the flip flop heels.
One reads "M," and the other reads, what? Can it be? Why, yes, it is! An "L!"
Well I'll be. They aren't the same size.
But that's not all, folks!
Look at the orientation of the toe part.
Both flip flops are angled to the right, meaning...why, yes, it's true! I bought myself a pair of two left flip flops of different sizes.
What was I thinking that day?
I honestly couldn't tell you, because I obviously wasn't thinking.
After this admission, I dare ask you if you've ever had a shopping faux pas. (That means a slip, a mistake or a (heh heh) false step.)

Monday, March 30, 2020

When Glue Gets Unstuck

I needed some super glue, so I got it from my craft basket, twisted off the lid, and squeezed it. But it WOULDN'T COME OUT.
So I squeezed harder.
Didn't work.
I squeezed EVEN HARDER.
Still stuck.
It was a lost cause. The tip was glued shut. I had to throw it away, but because I didn't have a replacement, I gave it one final squeeze of frustration.
Who knew that super glue should be treated as a loaded gun? It should only be aimed at an intended target.
(That would certainly not be my laptop.)
Happily, I got the glue cleaned off right after snapping this all-important learn-from-my-mistakes photo for your viewing pleasure.
Have you had any super glue mishaps?
What happened?

Monday, March 23, 2020

What Made the Leaf Bench?

When I went to my grandson's band concert, the middle school doors were locked. Fifteen minutes didn't seem too early before the music was to start, so those of us clustered around the doors figured that someone with a key either left it home or in their pocket and forgot about it. 
No matter.
I found something fascinating.
These leaves on a bench wouldn't brush off. Had they been drawn on with marker? Had some wildlife artist printed them on as part of a botany learning program? Were they part of the original bench decor?
But no... 
Interestingly enough, the section of bench beneath the tree branches was marked with leaves, while the part exposed to sunlight was plain.
There was even one whole bench free of any shade above it that had no leaf shapes at all.
I didn't check with plant experts, but to my way of thinking, the leaves that fluttered down to the pink bench left their mark before rotting away.
It's like writing books! Even after authors die, their words are left behind for others to see.
What is it that you want to be known for?

Monday, March 16, 2020

Mallory Salad

On a delightful trip to the park with a couple of my granddaughters, we stopped at an old abandoned ticket booth and pretended it was our house. We decided where each of us would sleep, lamented the lack of a bathroom, and talked about the problem of no reliable kitchen utensils.
Well, if we're going to live there, we need to eat, don't we?
Mallory had a solution. "What do you want to eat, Grammy?"
After a moment's thought, I said, "Salad!" So Mallory cheerfully provided a leafy salad full of the colors recommended for optimal health. 
It was quite attractive, and looked delicious even without dressing. To test her culinary skills, and because I like them, I added, "With nuts."
A quick dip behind the counter, then a reappearance and a single fling of a handful of hard little pebbles added the requested ingredient to my imaginary salad.
Very clever of her, if I do say so as her ever-lovin' Grammy.
Did you like to pretend when you were a child?
Do you still like to?

Monday, March 9, 2020

An Old TV Show...and a snack!

Once upon a time, there was a weekly TV show called "Hogan's Heroes."
In the town where I was born, a charming little shop sells hero (or submarine) sandwiches called "Logan's Heroes."

Can you guess the name of the town where I was born?
(If you guessed "Logan," you are the winner of the world!)
There are many names for a sandwich made with cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables on a long bun.
What do you call it?
Do you like them?

Monday, March 2, 2020

Who's This?

Who is this person?
What if I told you it's my grandma? 
See the similar hair color to mine? 
The engaging expression on her face?
The food on the table in front of her?
Well, it's not my grandma. 
I saw this in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It's so realistic, I was motivated to take pictures, even though a part of me couldn't help wondering if she'd glance up at me with an annoyed frown and ask, "Whad'r you lookin" at?"
Were you surprised to find out that this is a statue?

Monday, February 24, 2020

Lots Of Races!

The road from our house in southwest Utah to town (St. George) goes through some varied topography and beautiful country, so beautiful that people like to run and ride their bikes through it...a lot.
More than once a year, roads are either closed or traffic is delayed in order to allow runners of all ages, shapes, and sizes to pound the pavement, sweat, and gasp for air, usually while smiling!
Do you like to run/bike in the great outdoors?
Do you like to exercise in a gym or other indoor space?
Or do you prefer to watch other people exercise?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Not Just Any Old Ice Cream Sandwich

Valentine's Day traditionally generates gifts of sweet chocolate.
Carolyn happens to be a loving chocolate connoisseur who knows what to do with a plain bar of chocolate, or even a simple chocolate ice cream sandwich
A coating of creamy peanut butter, a bed of juicy sweet peaches, and an artful swirl of chocolate sauce on top makes for a dessert treat worthy of the Ritz.
And Carolyn would be happy to make one for you.
Does this treat appeal to you?
What's your favorite feel-good food?

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Love Bug

Seeing this car rolling down the highway made me smile because it brought back fond memories of going to the theater as a kid when "The Love Bug" movie was released. We Anderson kids walked to the theater, carrying our big brown paper Acme Market grocery bag full of homemade popcorn (yes, they let us bring our own movie snacks back in the day.) 
The Love Bug was a magical movie that made me believe in the goodness of cars and infinite faithfulness to their owners. 
It may have even inspired my father to get a VW bug (ours was red) to take his family of 8 children to church.
Yes, 8 children plus two parents makes TEN PEOPLE IN A VW BUG!
I was often relegated to the space behind the back seat and in front of the back window where I folded myself up beside one other medium to small sibling. Then three other larger siblings would sit across the back seat with another two sitting on their laps. With Dad in the driver's seat and Mom in the passenger seat holding the baby (no such thing as baby seats in the 60's, and seat belts were optional, if the car even had them) we were off to church.
Fortunately, it was only about a mile away, and once Mom and Dad exited and folded down their seats, we were able to pop out of the car on either side in short order.
Love Is Togetherness.
(At least I hope people who have to be close together love one another!)
Would you be game for riding in a crowded VW Beetle (Bug)?
Or are you more of a the-only-one-in-a-Chevy Suburban kind of person?
(Whatever you do, I hope you love doing it, ESPECIALLY today!)

Monday, February 3, 2020

When Your Pen Blobs

While writing a name on an envelope, my pen made a blob of ink right toward the end of the last flourish, but not RIGHT on the end, as if I meant to do it, so it looked like a mistake, it looked ridiculous, almost as bad as getting a splotch of "is that BLOOD?" ketchup on it.
My 3rd grade art teacher, who was interesting enough to resemble Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl and was perpetually cheerful, even with elementary school students, taught me that there are no mistakes in art. I stretched that to mean there are also no mistakes in I added some INTENTIONAL splotches all along the lines of the letters.
(I meant to do that...)
Do you like to try to fix mistakes? (Well, assuming you make mistakes...)
Or do you like to get fresh supplies and start all over again?

Monday, January 27, 2020

Bronzed Shoes

I've seen bronzed baby shoes, but never bronzed size 5's.
When I spotted these shoes in a thrift store, I had to wonder what the story was behind not only the shoes, but the toy cars in the opening where the foot should go.
Were these silent reminders of a beloved boy who'd left this earth life at a young age?
Or did they belong to a young man who loved cars and grew up to fulfill his dream of becoming a race car driver?
Were they something of an annual tradition, like family pictures, but bronzed shoes instead, mailed to doting grandparents on the other side of the country? "Looky here, Arnold, Junior's feet are almost as big as yours!"
"Well, Ethel, you've still got us both beat!"
Perhaps they were some kind of unique trophy created for the ubiquitous annual Pinewood Derby.
"Hey, Mike, you won!"
(Mike staring doubtfully at the trophy) "Are you sure it was me? I'm almost positive that Pete's car was ahead of mine by at least the width of a toothpick. Really, he can have the prize. I'm just happy with some extra refreshments."
Perhaps it should be a requirement that thrift store donations come with historical background information...or we could just continue making things up!
How about you? Do you like to wonder "What?" "Why?" "How?"
Or are you content to accept what comes, because, "That's just the way it is?"

Monday, January 20, 2020


Some custom license plates make me stop and wonder what they're trying to say. What do they mean? I don't like the ones I can't figure out, that are some kind of secret inside joke that only the nearest and dearest can decipher.
My sister's custom license plate reads: ACCEBER.
(Do you know what that means? I'll tell you below!)
I came across this handsome fellow a few weeks ago, with a pretty clear message.
"O behave!"
Even though I understand it at face value, it still makes me wonder...
Is the truck supposed to behave?
Is the drive of the truck the one who needs to behave, or perhaps the driver's passengers?
Or are the drivers behind the truck supposed to behave?
Perhaps it's the general population, anyone who sees the message, reads it, and asks themselves, "How am I behaving?"
What else could it mean?
What does it bring to your mind?
Oh, and my sister's license plate? Read it belongs to my sister REBECCA!

Monday, January 13, 2020


What if you long to hit the road, but your wallet has already been hit too hard to support travel expenses?
Well, then, make your own camper!
Get various pieces of material hard enough to make walls.
Hammer them together on your vehicle, adding what you need as you go, from a ladder to a milk crate to an air conditioner to a custom-width door.
Then hit the road, your style! 
I found this one-of-a-kind, do-it-yourself vehicle in a thrift store parking lot.
The thriftyness runs deep.
What about you? Are you thrifty enough to be okay with used items? Or do you like your things nice and new?

Monday, January 6, 2020


I got a terrific Christmas gift when Bob put new counters in our cottage. I didn't get pix of the old ones, made of boards that were separating, but you can see one of the old counter joints that had pulled apart beneath the new counter top.
This was the case in more than one place, so liquid leaked through to at least one drawer below.
My ever-lovin' fix-it husband watched many Youtube videos, (he calls it "Youtube University") got the necessary supplies, and made the countertops for us with his own two gloved hands!
I got a new sink, too, inspired by my son's new one! This is where it will go:
Can you see the beautiful hammered copper finish that Bob made with his trowel-y tools and paintbrush? Can you also see the wonderful silky smooth surface? (Our old one was rather lumpy.)
Bob even added sparkles for me! 
(Yes, this is the same countertop, only with different lighting so it looks like another color, but they're really the same.)
I wouldn't have thought of getting a sink with a large side and a little side, but it's terrific for washing big things like pans.
This project reminded me to be thankful for running water, and a place to wash dishes besides the tiny bathroom sink or bending over the bathtub.
How about you? Do you like to fix things yourself? Or do you like someone else to do it?

Two Left Shoes

When I was at the thrift store, I spied a pair of my favorite footwear. FLIP FLOPS! (Did I say I love flip flops?) So of course I tri...