Monday, November 2, 2020

Scattered Money Game

Look what I found when I cleaned my office!
Yes, the money is made of coins, and some people don't particularly like coins. That was the case with my son Michael, whose money it was, and said I could have the coins, even the ones ALREADY.rolled up.
(Nah-nee-nah to him!)
His brother Brian had a different approach to scattered money fun. In an unexpected encounter with Brian, who is having a birthday this week (so glad you're my boy, Brian!) I was helping him clean his room when he was in high school. Near the door of his room, he picked up a handful of coins. He glanced at the assortment of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, then threw them across the room where they landed in the stuff we hadn't reached yet.
Astonished that he hadn't put them in his pocket or a cup on his dresser, I asked, "Why did you do that?"
He grinned. "Now I can look forward to finding them again when I clean the rest of my room."
I call that exceptionally creative thinking.
Do you like coins?

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