Monday, December 7, 2020

Cat In A Coat

I don't know about where you live, but baby, it's cold outside. We had snow this morning. Just a little, but if it lands on the car and ground and stays there, you know it's cold enough for a blanket at night.
It's true that animals have fur to keep them warm. According to my understanding, as long as animals are kept outside, they can acclimatize to any weather, as long as they have shelter from the wind. (I do wonder about short-haired animals. I just don't know.)
Our cat Sage loves to crawl into plastic bags...I know, you might wonder about her mental state, and you'd be right...but this time she crawled into Bob's coat. (Do you see her tail?)
All she wants for Christmas is to sleep inside, but she's too spastic for that. She's got a perfectly comfortable padded box on top of the fireplace insert on the porch. There's even residual fireplace heat, and treats...always treats in her comfy quarters when we take her outside for the night.
Maybe she wants a coat now, too...
Do you like the cold? (You can always put more on, but can only take so much off without being arrested!) Or do you prefer hot weather? (It's never too hot for a hottie like you!)

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