Monday, December 28, 2020

Kitten Curl

If any animal knows how to relax, I would vote for a kitten.
Many events in the past few months have made me wish to emulate this most restful pose. On a few occasions, I've been able to do so without any guilt whatsoever.
(Wait...shouldn't I be able to do it any time I like with no guilt?)
Yet in my view, a fulfilled life requires action, decision-making, and moving forward with goals, whether large or small. They can range from finishing my next manuscript to making a single phone call to communicating effectively with my little sister to improving my skills in playing the piano and ukulele. (I'm already pretty good on the saxophone!)
I don't set New Year's goals. I set them all year long!
How about you? Are you traditional New Year's goal setter? Or do you prefer to see what life brings to you, and act surprised?

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