Monday, August 24, 2020


My 9-year-old granddaughter went shopping with me at the thrift store, and guess what? She found some shoes that fit! When she asked if I would please get them for her, I took this picture and sent it to her dad (my son) to see if it was ok for her to tip-toe home in these orange foot confections.
While waiting for his reply, my granddaughter changed her mind about the shoes, deciding that they looked oh-so-cute, but ended up not feeling oh-so-good after all.
Style is so subjective. What one person might think is a dream come true could be seen by someone else as a nightmare.
When I ask Carolyn how she'd like her hair done, she usually says I can pick. "I trust you," she says.
Well, I have rather quirky tastes, but since Carolyn can't see her hair, she doesn't complain.
Actually, I often take pictures of her hairstyles because she can't really maneuver the hinged mirrors in her bathroom that allow her to see the back of her hair, and she almost always lights up with a smile and says, "I love it!"
This would fit in a Dr. Seuss book.
And this fancy Arabian Nights Princess one is made with a necklace and hair clips.  
Would you call your style Traditional? Conservative? Chic? Artsy? Casual? Tomboy? Or just put-some-clothes-on-that-fit and go outside?

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