Monday, December 9, 2019

Why Park By Me?

After experiences of having my car doors dinged by neighboring vehicles with no manners, I prefer to park far away and by myself in a parking lot. 
Which is what I did with my little blue car.
 But when I came out from the store, what did I see? A big ol' white car parked RIGHT NEXT to me.
Was I in a premium spot, or what?
Did the big white car have a crush (how punny!) on my little blue car?
Did the big car think my little car was lonely all by itself?
I just didn't get it, and didn't stick around to ask.
How about you? Have you had your car doors dinged?
(Or are you a door dinger?)

Whatever you are, you might be better at it if you apply this license plate's advice.
 I've heard that success is 90% determination and 10% inspiration...or 99% to 1%...or 95% to 5%...whatever the ratio, determination always comes out ahead, even if you're determined to park by the only car in an isolated place in a huge parking lot!

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