Monday, December 23, 2019

Looking for Santa

Christmas is so close, it looks to me as if our son Brian's cat is going to great lengths to watch for Santa.
Animals live in a different world than we do, with different points of view and expectations. 
(I can't tell you what they are. I'm not a cat!)
Have you heard the tradition that animals speak on Christmas Eve? Mental Floss offers an idea of how the legend came to be, and the variable outcomes, from animals worshipping the baby Savior to animals planning/predicting the deaths of their owners.
There's a movie about this tradition, too, The Night The Animals Talked and a song titled The Friendly Beasts.
Sometimes our pets "talk" to us on days other than Christmas Eve, such as when they meow at the door in unquestionably high decibels to tell us they want to come in!
What do you think about the animals speaking on Christmas Eve tradition?
Do you have pets?
Do they "talk" to you?

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