Monday, December 2, 2019


In the Bob Bahlmann family, Thanksgiving means the guys are in the kitchen cooking.
When the bounteous food is ready, they eat however they can - big guys, little chairs, whatever works!
Then it's time to settle the meal to make room for dessert, which means WRESTLING!
You know life will never be the same when a son can lift his dad!
More of his kids complete a take-down!
Even the little ones get in on the wrestling game.
The two-year-old is determined to take you down with her somersaults!
Some of the wrestling moves look more like hugs.
After dessert (no pictures here! Imagine your favorite one...then you'll want to go eat it! Heh-heh) the girls clean up the dishes and put the food away while the guys fold up tables and chairs.
If anyone happens to think there's something wrong with the women cleaning up after the guys fixed the food (but Jamie DID stir the gravy!) then think of the story of the woman who removed the doing-dishes-resentment by feeling intense gratitude for having food and the dishes to eat it on while she washed those very dishes.
Life can appear drastically different with a shift in perspective!
Have you ever had a shift in perspective? 
What happened?

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