Monday, December 30, 2019

Snakes Alive! New Year's Resolutions

Does one of your New Year's Resolutions happen to be experiencing more adventure in your life?
Did you write down that you're determined to be brave, bold, and daring in 2020?
Well, here's your chance!
It seems that not a lot of people like snakes much.
I'm not one of them.
Neither is Aspen Mahan, who has caught and kept snakes since he was 12 years old. He's even done educational programs for schools and other interested groups.
He's careful to pick the right reptile for the right person. Here's my little sister Carolyn, delighted to hold a little hog nosed snake.
She and I joined forces to experience the feeling of smooth python muscles running through our hands.
Some of Aspen's snakes are for viewing only.
But if you have the skill or desire, you could try communicating with them.
Aspen is very accommodating, even to showing us other interesting critters he has, such as this tarantula spider.
This is a different tarantula spider.
He even has a scorpion, one of several species, and if I remember right, one of the most poisonous. (There's some adventure for you!)
This is not a real spider. It's a fascinating spider skin that one of his spiders crawled out of when it got too big for its britches. Aspen told us that young spiders can shed their skin several times a year because they grow so fast.
If you want an unforgettable experience, then contact Aspen (he lives in southwest Utah) to schedule a time to see all the interesting critters he has to show you, and listen to all the fascinating facts you can learn.
You'll never know unless you go!
Contact Aspen at, and he'll be happy to give you a tour, just for the joy of learning.
It looks like his snake is ready to go off the picture and learn something new, too!
Do you like to try new things that seem initially difficult, or are you happy with the comfortable status quo of daily life?

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