Monday, January 6, 2020


I got a terrific Christmas gift when Bob put new counters in our cottage. I didn't get pix of the old ones, made of boards that were separating, but you can see one of the old counter joints that had pulled apart beneath the new counter top.
This was the case in more than one place, so liquid leaked through to at least one drawer below.
My ever-lovin' fix-it husband watched many Youtube videos, (he calls it "Youtube University") got the necessary supplies, and made the countertops for us with his own two gloved hands!
I got a new sink, too, inspired by my son's new one! This is where it will go:
Can you see the beautiful hammered copper finish that Bob made with his trowel-y tools and paintbrush? Can you also see the wonderful silky smooth surface? (Our old one was rather lumpy.)
Bob even added sparkles for me! 
(Yes, this is the same countertop, only with different lighting so it looks like another color, but they're really the same.)
I wouldn't have thought of getting a sink with a large side and a little side, but it's terrific for washing big things like pans.
This project reminded me to be thankful for running water, and a place to wash dishes besides the tiny bathroom sink or bending over the bathtub.
How about you? Do you like to fix things yourself? Or do you like someone else to do it?

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