Monday, January 27, 2020

Bronzed Shoes

I've seen bronzed baby shoes, but never bronzed size 5's.
When I spotted these shoes in a thrift store, I had to wonder what the story was behind not only the shoes, but the toy cars in the opening where the foot should go.
Were these silent reminders of a beloved boy who'd left this earth life at a young age?
Or did they belong to a young man who loved cars and grew up to fulfill his dream of becoming a race car driver?
Were they something of an annual tradition, like family pictures, but bronzed shoes instead, mailed to doting grandparents on the other side of the country? "Looky here, Arnold, Junior's feet are almost as big as yours!"
"Well, Ethel, you've still got us both beat!"
Perhaps they were some kind of unique trophy created for the ubiquitous annual Pinewood Derby.
"Hey, Mike, you won!"
(Mike staring doubtfully at the trophy) "Are you sure it was me? I'm almost positive that Pete's car was ahead of mine by at least the width of a toothpick. Really, he can have the prize. I'm just happy with some extra refreshments."
Perhaps it should be a requirement that thrift store donations come with historical background information...or we could just continue making things up!
How about you? Do you like to wonder "What?" "Why?" "How?"
Or are you content to accept what comes, because, "That's just the way it is?"

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