Monday, December 16, 2019

Would You Eat This?

I found this elegant chocolate confection for sale.  
(Check out the fancy name! There's even an apostrophe in it!) 
As I studied the treat that cost more than a giant sized candy bar, I wondered what the appeal was. A dried apple ring, okay, I've managed to chew down a piece or two of dried apple in my life. It would give the treat staying power, for sure, but what about the dried oranges, including a petrified rind as hard as old leather? I would not choose to try eating that.
And what's with the flower petals scattered down the middle? I admit that I eat flowers: broccoli flowers and cauliflower flowers (rock on, redundancy!) but I have no desire to eat random flower petals of questionable food grade.
I can't help wondering who thinks of these things.
Did the inventor of this questionable confection even taste it before putting it in a pretty box on the shelf?
Do you understand this candy?
Would you eat it?

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