Monday, November 18, 2019

Wild Tame Turkeys

There's a flock of wild turkeys near our house.
I don't know much about wild turkeys, or any turkeys, really. Are they eating bugs, worms, grass, or some other turkey food when they have their heads down in the greenery?
Do you think they look rather majestic, especially with that mountain in the background
This reminds me that Benjamin Franklin suggested the wild turkey as the national bird, rather than the bald eagle, which may not be as weird as it sounds, considering that bald eagles are scavengers and wild turkeys are highly intelligent. 
I've heard of a cat on a hot tin roof, but here's a bird on a wire
How long do you think that wire can hold a big, fat turkey?
He turned his looks like he heard something.
There he goes! He made the great escape!
Do you like turkeys, as food, friends, or our alternate national bird?

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