Monday, November 4, 2019

How Many Halloween Costumes Are Enough?

Some people go to a Halloween party...but someone I know goes to Halloween partieS!
(I think her real name is Party Girl.)
She was a witch at one party. (The pointy hat kept falling off, but she kept her witchy purple hair, with one magical streak of blonde.)
Then, at ANOTHER party, she was Cinderella! (Oh, yeah, she's got the princess attitude, bearing, AND sparkly dress. No question that she's royalty!)
And then when we went to the haunted Desert Gardens, she was fearless Malificent! Nothing scared her. (She just scared it right back!)
If that's not enough, she was Pumpkin Girl at home. (It even looks like she has little pumpkins on her head!)
So if you're a party person, you'd do well to hang out with Carolyn.
Do you like to go to parties?
Or would you rather stay home?

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