Monday, April 7, 2014

Shirley's got Expo antlers and a chimpanzee lip!

In the spirit of the Sportsman's Outdoor Expo last month, my son Bron thought he could improve my appearance by giving me some antlers. (I dunno... it's kind of a good look for me!)

 Now here I am without the "antlers" and without such harsh lighting. One of my high school classmates saw this photo and asked, "When are you going to age?"  

Look at the first picture again! See the wrinkles? My face might be aging, but my heart never will.
It's kind of funny how the things that are happening to us seem so much bigger than they do to anyone outside of us. For example, when I took the photo of my fat upper lip after my recent oral surgery below, I felt that the swelling made me look like a chimpanzee. 


Yet when I took an "after" picture of my lip feeling back to normal, I can see why people told me that I didn't look any different. It just felt like a huge difference inside.

What good does it do to focus on what we feel if it's not even apparent? The best strategy I can think of from this experience is to look outward at what needs to be done, what's next, the goal in front of you.

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