Monday, April 28, 2014

2 Easts and Keep up with the Neighbor

A new-ish subdivision in town must have celebrated too hard before they put up their street signs on the corner of 470 East and 460 East. (Just keep going east, you can't miss it!)

Oh, and if your neighbor has an old door leaning against the corner of their front porch...
Then you'd better get one, too. (You never know when someone's going to step on your porch that you don't want in your house, and with an extra door, you can hope that they'll be fooled into thinking the dummy door is the entrance...or if you refuse to answer, perhaps they'll go next door to try your neighbor's dummy door!) 
Perhaps old doors on the porch are the new giant metal stars that people used to (and some still do) have hanging on their homes. What is your favorite thing to hang on your house? 

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