Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bees in Trees!

(I don't know why these videos aren't working properly! If anyone knows how I can fix them, then please let me know!)

When I went outside yesterday, I heard what sounded like a motor humming faintly overhead. When I got beneath our black willow tree and looked up, I saw BEES! (I like bees... they seem cheerful and busy.)

In this first short video, you should be able to hear the humming bee sound in between my crackly footsteps (sorry about that) and our chickens' squawks.
I'm including the second even shorter video because it shows the bees closeup, even though there's some kind of talk going on in a man's voice that must have been playing on my phone, but I don't remember it while filming! (Maybe it's a voice from above...translating bee talk? What do you think?)

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