Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Does Water React to Emotions? A 4-week test.

I saw a video about Dr. Emoto's experiment with how emotions affect water, evidenced by crystals formed when water was told different things from "I hate you" to "I love you."
For people who don't have access to the equipment necessary to take pictures of crystallizing water, some people used boiled rice, sometimes covered with water, sometimes not, to see the results of messages written or spoken to it. The images I saw were fascinating. Here is only one example:
Since I don't know this guy or anyone else who did similar experiments, I decided to do the rice experiment myself.
In case my video doesn't cooperate (see "Bees in Trees" two blogs below), I've got six plastic water bottles here, labeled "Please go away," "I hate you, devil water and rice," "You're beautiful," "You're so funny! You make me laugh," and "I love you no matter what." (I've since added another one labeled "Retard" after I heard someone say that to someone else.) 
I will let you know what happens, even if I have to take still pictures.

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