Monday, March 4, 2013

Not your Average Staircase, but the Stuff of Dreams

These stairs are on Utah Valley University campus in Orem, Utah. When my son Monkey and I were there for a writing conference, I couldn't resist taking a picture of him on the curvy stairs with pregnant pauses at each turn.
Then there's the staircase that looks like it was designed by someone who had a few too many cups of wine. The angle may look a bit off, but that's because the stairs go up and down at an angle I've never seen on a real staircase before.
You really have to hold onto the handrail while you play Alice In Wonderland who-ate-too-much-shape-shifting-cake.
I found these to be delightful stairways with unexpected turns and angles, just like the best stories we read. So when you're writing, throw in something unusual, make your story stick in your reader's minds, just like these stairways will stay in your head and haunt your dreams.
You're welcome.   

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