Monday, February 25, 2013


Here is visual proof that patience is rewarded. When we visited Las Vegas, my son, Bron, sat on a bench for a long time, coaxing what we call "parking lot birds" with tidbits of cookies. (We call them parking lot birds because we notice them mostly in parking lots, hopping under cars and around cart return stations, pecking up the goodies that small travelers drop through the cart wire.)  I don't think Bron moved a single thing except his arm and his eyelids while he waited for what he wanted to have happen, and happen it did.
I saw an inspirational cartoon recently that showed a side view of two men tunneling through the ground toward a diamond mine. One man was only an inch away from the diamonds, but had turned away and was heading back down his tunnel, while the other man was still digging with energy and enthusiasm.
Guess which one got the diamonds?
What is your diamond? Are you still going for it?  

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