Monday, February 18, 2013

Round is a Shape

(This is funny because the snowman got cut in half... evidently he is too round to fit in the picture!)
Something funny about me is that because I'm so tall, there were times when I felt like a big gorilla in high school. (I'm just half an inch shy of six feet, but I generally wear my hair up or at least have puffy bangs, so considering the hair, I'm usually good to go for over six feet tall.) Now when I look back at pictures from my "I'm so big" era, I'm actually quite slender. My gorilla-ness was all in my mind.
Now that I'm wiser, I realize that when I spend some time exercising (swimming last night... lovely!) and when I eat good food, I feel just fine, no matter what the scale says.
Guess how this applies to writing? It's because this type of progression and change in thinking is essential for good characters in your stories. They can't be the same gorillas they thought they were at the beginning. By the end of the book, they need to realize they can be round snowmen and still melt happily ever after.
What have you learned to love... or at least accept... about yourself?

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