Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sick? Might as well smile!

The best humidifier I ever owned had fish that "swam" around in the water. When, to my sorrow, the humidifier finally died (probably because I didn't use distilled water), I kept the fish with the intention of making earrings out of them some day.
My faith in happy humidifiers was restored when I spied these whimsical humidifiers that, though fish-less, can still make you smile if you're feeling congested.
The funny thing about this penguin is that it also looks like he may be exhaling smoke. That's not a great image if you already aren't breathing very well.

I don't know what the cow, pig, or duck humidifiers do with their steam. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Truly, the best thing I've found to keep myself well and writing is gargling with warm salt water each morning. While colds have run through my family, I was untouched, until January 2013. I was stunned to have a stuffy nose and cough until my neighbor asked, "Have you been getting enough sleep?"
My honest answer was "no." SO, with enough sleep and daily salt water gargles, you can be healthy and writing for days to come!
Oh, and a spoonful of sugar ALWAYS takes my hiccups away!
Since we've got to be healthy to write our best and longest, what's your best health care tip?

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