Monday, March 25, 2013

Funny Food

Have you ever heard of a mountain of potatoes? (What's up with the sky-high potato pile? Wasn't there a bigger bowl in the back of the cupboard somewhere?)
How about an Easter Egg hunt? (The problem is, it wasn't Easter, and I was in no mood for hunting. I'd thought the chickens were duds, roosters in drag, until we found a stash of eggs in their secret hiding place. Of course the lovely nest boxes with straw weren't good enough.) Unsure of how old each egg was, we ended up feeding them to the dog. She approved of every single one.
Then there's the popcorn game. It's where you pick up a single kernel of popcorn and decide what it looks like before eating. Very entertaining, and low calorie, too, since it takes so long to eat a bowl of popcorn this way!
And we can't forget the happy hotcakes! (Except that the bear seems to be feeling more neutral. While gazing at this picture, I must ask myself, is it truly appetizing to chew on what appear to be bear's lips?)
Some of these foods may tempt you, some may turn off your appetite. The simple truth is that people like to eat different things, and people like to read different things. That's why we have different authors and styles of writing, so that the whole world can be happy.
What do you like to write? What do you like to read?

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